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New Releases

String Orchestra

Greater Than... Balmages, Brian  FJH String Orchestra1 - 3.5ST6488
Serenity Tippette, Bruce W.  FJH Developing Strings2ST6489
Yuletide Reel, A TraditionalGiardiniere, David FJH String Orchestra3.5.ST6490
Larghetto and Allegro (from Sonata No. 4)Handel, George FridericMcCashin, Robert D. FJH String Orchestra3.5ST6491
Symphony No. 1 (First Movement)Beethoven, Ludwig vanMcCashin, Robert D. FJH String Orchestra4ST6492
Overture (from Suite No. 3 in D Major)Bach, Johann SebastianMcCashin, Robert D. FJH String Orchestra4ST6493
Inner Planets, The (Themes from Mercury, Venus and Mars)Holst, GustavGruselle, Carrie Lane FJH String Orchestra4ST6494
Magical Night Sky Avilés, César  FJH Developing Strings2.5ST6495
Album for the Young Tchaikovsky, Peter IlyichMcCashin, Robert D. FJH Developing Strings2.5ST6496
Suite from Carmen Bizet, GeorgeMcCashin, Robert D. FJH String Orchestra3.5ST6497
Urbanicity Whittington, R. Scott  FJH String Orchestra3ST6498
Pirate's Plunder, A Oostenbroek, Neridah  FJH Developing Strings2ST6499
Hoedown Showdown Oostenbroek, Neridah  FJH String Orchestra3ST6500
Symphony No. 19 Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusGruselle, Carrie Lane FJH String Orchestra3ST6501
Dances from Terpsichore Praetorius, MichaelGruselle, Carrie Lane FJH Developing Strings2.5ST6502
Three Buccaneers Griesinger, Kathryn  FJH Beginning Strings1.5ST6503
Calm and Bright (Silent Night)Gruber, Franz XaverLaBrie, Katie O'Hara FJH Developing Strings2.5ST6504
Deliberate Diversions Balmages, Brian  FJH Developing Strings2.5ST6505
Orient et Occident (Grand March)Saint-Saëns, CamilleMonday, Deborah Baker FJH String Orchestra3.5ST6506
Baile de Lila Thomas, Chris  FJH String Orchestra3ST6507
We Wish You a Cha-Cha Christmas TraditionalGruselle, Carrie Lane FJH Beginning Strings1.5ST6508
Glimpse of Winter, A Grant, Tyler S.  FJH Developing Strings2.5ST6509
Beauty and Fire (The Quest Begins)Thomas, Chris  FJH String Orchestra3ST6510
Medieval Carol, A (Personet Hodie) Denney, Morgan FJH Developing Strings2ST6511
Little Critters Balmages, Brian  FJH Beginning Strings1ST6512
Five Before Beethoven Balmages, Brian  FJH Beginning Strings1.5 - 2ST6513
Celtic Sunrise Newbold, Soon Hee  FJH Beginning Strings1.5ST6514
Voyager Newbold, Soon Hee  FJH Developing Strings2.5ST6515
Blue Ridge Reel  (Adaptable)Balmages, Brian  The Reimagine Initiative3ST6517
Arith-Metric No. 1 For Strings  (Adaptable)Balmages, Brian  The Reimagine Initiative3ST6518
Abandoned Funhouse, The  (Adaptable)Balmages, Brian  The ReImagine Initiative0.5ST6519
Gaelic Castle  (Adaptable)Newbold, Soon Hee  The Reimagine Initiative1ST6520
Viking  (Adaptable)Newbold, Soon Hee  The Reimagine Initiative2ST6521
Finale (from Serenade for Strings) (Adaptable)Tchaikovsky, Peter IlyichGruselle, Carrie Lane The Reimagine Initiative1.5ST6522
Russian Music Box, The  (Adaptable)Newbold, Soon Hee  The Reimagine Initiative1ST6523
Allegro presto from Symphony No. 2Bologne de Saint-George, JosephMonday, Deborah BakerFJH Developing Strings2.5 - 3ST6524
Suite in D Major (from Sonata a Quattro - WoO 4)Corelli, ArcangeloMcCashin, Robert D.FJH Developing Strings2.5 - 3ST6525
Passo Mezzo (from Ancient Airs and Dances, Suite No. 1)Respighi, OttorinoMcCashin, Robert D.FJH String Orchestra3.5ST6526
Finale (from Symphony No. 5)Beethoven, Ludwig vanGruselle, Carrie LaneFJH Beginning Strings1.5ST6527
Christmas Day, Christmas Night (I Saw Three Ships • Sussex Carol)TraditionalGruselle, Carrie LaneFJH Developing Strings2.5ST6528
(You Are) Amazing Balmages, Brian FJH Developing Strings2.5 - 3ST6529
Oliverian Fantasy (on a theme by Oliver Bartel)Balmages, Brian FJH String Orchestra4ST6530
Night on Bald Mountain Mussorgsky, ModestGruselle, Carrie LaneFJH String Orchestra3.5 - 4ST6531
Never Let Up Balmages, Brian FJH Beginning Strings1ST6532
Pride of the Highlands LaBrie, Katie O'Hara FJH String Orchestra3.5ST6533
Fire Within, The Balmages, Brian FJH String Orchestra6ST6534
Invicta Newbold, Soon Hee FJH Beginning Strings1.5ST6535
Air for Buenos Aires Thomas, Chris FJH String Orchestra3ST6536
Fall River Road Denney, Morgan FJH Beginning Strings0.5ST6537