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A Capital Ship

Charles E. Carryl
Arranged by Carrie Lane Gruselle
Grade: 2

This arrangement for young string players and optional ship's bell portrays an imaginary voyage, which includes "gummery bread," a "rubagub tree," and "Binnacle-bats" wearing "waterproof hats." All instruments stay in first position and only violin 1 uses the "low second finger." The homophonic texture and straightforward rhythms and harmonies let students focus on style and musicianship. Students will also develop various articulations (staccato, accent, pizzicato) and watching skills (fermata, ritardando, tempo changes, and a caesura). Excellent writing by an excellent teacher! (2:00)

Audio Only:
Item No.
Full Set: ST6048 45.00
Score Only: ST6048S 5.00