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FJH Beginning Strings

(Grade 1 - 1.5) Appropriate for first year string students. All instruments stay in first position, and optional third violin (viola) parts and piano are included to aid in rehearsal and performance situations.

March Momentous Del Borgo, Elliot 1ST6003 
La petite danseuse Del Borgo, Elliot 1.5ST6006 
Chorale Fantasia Simon, Robert L. 1.5ST6009 
Rumble in the Jungle Taylor, Les 1ST6012 
Snowflakes Taylor, Les 1ST6013 
Shark Attack! Taylor, Les 1.5ST6014 
Gettysburg Train, The Taylor, Les 1ST6015 
Angels We Have Heard on High TraditionalDel Borgo, Elliot1ST6026 
Regal Procession Bernofsky, Lauren 1ST6029 
Yes! I Can Can Offenbach, JacquesDel Borgo, Elliot1ST6031 
Hiawatha Newbold, Soon Hee 1ST6038 
Pizzicato Parade Shaffer, David 1ST6039 
Rock-a My Soul  Bulla, Stephen1.5ST6045 
Cuckoo Clock, The Bernofsky, Lauren 1ST6052 
Knick-Knack Variations Del Borgo, Elliot 1.5ST6055 
Chicken in the Kitchen Sharp, Keith 1ST6056 
Salty Sailor's Song, A Sharp, Keith 1.5ST6058 
Good King Wenceslas TraditionalDel Borgo, Elliot1ST6066 
Russian Music Box, The Newbold, Soon Hee 1ST6068 
Doodlin' Around VariousGruselle, Carrie Lane1.5ST6076 
Courtly Dance and Procession Balmages, Brian 1ST6085 
Appalachian Hymn Newbold, Soon Hee 1ST6086 
Dancing Peppers Sharp, Keith 1.5ST6089 
Kings of Stone Sharp, Keith 1.5ST6091 
Christmas Symphony, A TraditionalDel Borgo, Elliot1ST6092 
High Strung Shaffer, David 1.5ST6096 
Dragon Slayer Grice, Rob 1ST6100 
Celtica (for Solo Violin and String Orchestra)Balmages, Brian 1ST6107 
Saint Nick's Canon on the Housetop  Gruselle, Carrie Lane1ST6108 
Rhythm 'n' Blues Newbold, Soon Hee 1ST6109 
Trois chansons de campagne (Three Songs of the Countryside) Shaffer, David1.5ST6113 
Hey Fiddle Fiddle! Balmages, Brian 1.5ST6120 
Sourwood Mountain  Gruselle, Carrie Lane1ST6126 
Tribal Dance Balmages, Brian 1ST6127 
Wild Western Frontier, The Newbold, Soon Hee 1.5ST6135 
Calypso Norgaard, Martin 1.5ST6140 
God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen  Del Borgo, Elliot1ST6141 
Legend of Dark Mountain Newbold, Soon Hee 1ST6142 
Frog and Toad Gruselle, Carrie Lane 1.5ST6151 
Il est ne, le divin enfant (He is Born, the Holy Child)Traditional French CarolGruselle, Carrie Lane1.5ST6154 
Morning Lights Balmages, Brian 1ST6157 
Desert Sands Newbold, Soon Hee 1.5ST6160 
Honor and Glory Newbold, Soon Hee 1ST6164 
Celtic Christmas Fantasy, A  Balmages, Brian1ST6165 
Into the Sky! Balmages, Brian 1ST6178 
Gaelic Castle Newbold, Soon Hee 1ST6180 
Music for the Royal Fireworks Handel, George FridericGruselle, Carrie Lane1.5ST6187 
Holiday on the Housetop Hanby, Benjamin R.Owens, William1.5ST6188 
House of Untold Horrors (for Narration and String Orchestra)Bernofsky, Lauren 1ST6192 
Hallelujah Chorus from MessiahHandel, George FridericNewbold, Soon Hee1.5ST6195 
Merry-Go-Round Owens, William 1.5ST6196 
Prelude and Fugue Balmages, Brian 1ST6197 
Fox Went A-Fiddlin', The Gruselle, Carrie Lane 1ST6208 
Scarborough Fair English Folk SongBalmages, Brian1ST6214 
Haymaker Hoedown Owens, William 1.5ST6215 
Double Trouble Bernofsky, Lauren 1.5ST6218 
Two Winter Sketches Balmages, Brian 0.5ST6222 
Medieval Kings Newbold, Soon Hee 1ST6224 
Burst! Balmages, Brian 1.5ST6235 
Mama Don't 'Low  Gruselle, Carrie Lane1.5ST6236 
Make a Joyful Noise  Gruselle, Carrie Lane1.5ST6241 
Court Promenade Owens, William 1.5ST6250 
Rock Riffs Newbold, Soon Hee 1.5ST6254 
Samba La Bamba Owens, William 0.5ST6255 
Dog Dreams Lipton, Bob 1ST6259 
Fandango! McCashin, Robert D. 1.5ST6260 
La Cavaleria de Napoles Sanz, GasparMonday, Deborah Baker1ST6261 
Curtain Up! Various 1ST6263 
O Come, O Come! It's Christmas!  Gruselle, Carrie Lane1ST6272 
Finale (from Serenade for Strings)Tchaikovsky, Peter IlyichGruselle, Carrie Lane1.5ST6274 
Huron Carol, The  Monday, Deborah Baker1.5ST6277 
Twilight Reverie Bernofsky, Lauren 1.5ST6279 
Beethoven Lullaby, A Balmages, Brian 1ST6280 
Pepperoni Pizza Rock Balmages, Brian 1ST6281 
Great Times A Comin' Owens, William 1.5ST6291 
To A Wild Rose  McCashin, Robert D.1.5ST6293 
Mystic Caravan Newbold, Soon Hee 1ST6294 
Fiddlin' with the Classics  Monday, Deborah Baker1ST6298 
Two Scottish Farewells  Gruselle, Carrie Lane1.5ST6305 
Peasant Wedding March Mozart, LeopoldGruselle, Carrie Lane1.5ST6317 
Rubber Chicken Soup Bernofsky, Lauren 1ST6320 
'Tis the Season!  Owens, William1ST6323 
Backcountry Ramble Lipton, Bob 1ST6326 
Fantasy on a Japanese Folk Song Balmages, Brian 1.5ST6328 
Angels in Royal David's City  Gruselle, Carrie Lane1.5ST6345 
Velocity Balmages, Brian 1.5ST6349 
Millipede Madness Bernofsky, Lauren 1ST6351 
Yo Ho Ho! Gruselle, Carrie Lane 1.5ST6352 
Canon Power Lipton, Bob 1ST6353 
Olaf and the Elf Maiden  Newbold, Soon Hee1.5ST6357 
Attila Owens, William 1.5ST6360 
Boogie Blues Monday, Deborah Baker 1ST6375 
Raindrop Serenade Bernofsky, Lauren 1ST6380 
Vivaldi School Year, A  Gruselle, Carrie Lane1.5ST6382 
Storm Newbold, Soon Hee 1.5ST6387 
Impulse Balmages, Brian 0.5ST6389 
Jubilee Fanfare Newbold, Soon Hee 1.5ST6393 
Fiddling Farmers TraditionalGruselle, Carrie Lane1ST6398 
Hocus Pocus! Owens, William 1.5ST6401 
Abandoned Funhouse, The Balmages, Brian 0.5ST6403 
Good Kings Marching! TraditionalMonday, Deborah Baker1ST6406 
Gap of Dunloe Thomas, Chris 1ST6413 
Sparkle! Griesinger, Kathryn 1ST6416 
Go Tell it on the Mountain  Gruselle, Carrie Lane1.5ST6423 
There Lived a King Gilbert / SullivanMonday, Deborah Baker1.5ST6424 
Chimes and Bells TraditionalMonday, Deborah Baker1.5ST6428 
First Finger Rock Balmages, Brian 0.5ST6435 
Lost Island Griesinger, Kathryn 1ST6437 
Sleigh Ride in the Park Thomas, Chris 1ST6450 
Chatter with the Angels SpiritualGruselle, Carrie Lane1ST6452 
Where the River Shannon Flows Russell, James I.Balmages, Brian1.5ST6458 
Mozart Allegro, A Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusGruselle, Carrie Lane1.5ST6460 
If It Ain't Baroque... VariousLoest, Timothy1ST6466 
Subterranean Griesinger, Kathryn 1.5ST6470 
Saltarello Galilei, VincenzoDenney, Morgan1.5ST6473 
Strings on the Housetop Hanby, Benjamin R.Loest, Timothy1ST6478 
Wait for the Wagon American Folk SongGruselle, Carrie Lane1.5 - 2ST6479 
Spring Fever Griesinger, Kathryn 1ST6480 
Water Music Handel, George FridericGruselle, Carrie Lane1ST6481 
Instinct Balmages, Brian 0.5ST6487 
Three Buccaneers Griesinger, Kathryn 1.5ST6503
We Wish You a Cha-Cha Christmas TraditionalGruselle, Carrie Lane1.5ST6508
Little Critters Balmages, Brian 1ST6512
Five Before Beethoven Balmages, Brian 1.5 - 2ST6513
Celtic Sunrise Newbold, Soon Hee 1.5ST6514
Finale (from Symphony No. 5)Beethoven, Ludwig vanGruselle, Carrie Lane1.5ST6527
Never Let Up Balmages, Brian 1ST6532
Invicta Newbold, Soon Hee 1.5ST6535
Fall River Road Denney, Morgan 0.5ST6537