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Percussion Methods

PB400 / 10.95
Percussion With Class
Douglas B. Wallace
Percussion With Class is a comprehensive method covering snare drum, mallet instruments, timpani, and accessory instruments. Also included are instrument solos and percussion ensembles that address the techniques presented throughout the method. Perfect for:
  • Private teachers searching for a comprehensive text
  • Music educators seeking the confidence required to effectively guide young percussionists
  • Band directors looking for a classroom resource
  • Percussion ensemble directors hunting for quality ensemble literature
  • Professionals desiring fresh exercises and ideas

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Percussion Ensembles

Excalibur Wimer, Tim2SE1001
Fire the Torpedo! Wimer, Tim2SE1002
Jamaican Sunrise Wimer, Tim1SE1003
Land of Knights Wimer, Tim2.5SE1004
Night Drop Wimer, Tim2SE1005
Rhythmicity Wimer, Tim2.5SE1006