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The All-In-One Approach to Succeeding at the Piano®
Preparatory Book B
Helen Marlais

FJH2224 / 6.95

Preparatory Book B pieces focus on note reading from the guide notes and introducing terms such as skips, octaves, ties and various tempo marks. Colorful writing pages that reinforce note naming and reading intervals from guide notes are appealing to students.

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  Preview CD Tracks
Recorded by Helen Marlais
Orchestrations by Ryan Fraley  
01. Welcome
02. Kangaroos and Racecars Practice
03. Kangaroos and Racecars Performance
04. Kangaroos and Racecars Accompaniment
05. Monkeys Up in the Trees &
Monkeys Back on the Ground
06. Sharing C Practice
07. Sharing C Performance
08. Sharing C Accompaniment
09. My Friend Practice
10. My Friend Performance
11. My Friend Accompaniment
12. Winter Breeze Practice
13. Winter Breeze Performance
14. Winter Breeze Accompaniment
15. Big Clocks in the House Practice
16. Big Clocks in the House Performance
17. Big Clocks in the House Accompaniment
18. Stars in the Sky Practice
19. Stars in the Sky Performance
20. Stars in the Sky Accompaniment
21. Don't Be Late! Practice
22. Don't Be Late! Performance
23. Don't Be Late! Accompaniment
24. It's That Parrot Again Practice
25. It's That Parrot Again Performance
26. It's That Parrot Again Accompaniment
27. Bunnie Hop
28. Brave Sioux Warrior Practice
29. Brave Sioux Warrior Performance
30. Brave Sioux Warrior Accompaniment
31. Skips Practice
32. Skips Performance
33. Skips Accompaniment
34. In My Dreams I Sing Practice
35. In My Dreams I Sing Performance
36. In My Dreams I Sing Accompaniment
37. Playing Skips
38. Yankee Doodle Practice
39. Yankee Doodle Performance
40. Yankee Doodle Accompaniment
41. Water Lilies Practice
42. Water Lilies Performance
43. Water Lilies Accompaniment
44. Flashing Fireflies Practice
45. Flashing Fireflies Performance
46. Flashing Fireflies Accompaniment
47. Ode to Joy Practice
48. Ode to Joy Performance
49. Ode to Joy Accompaniment
50. A Happy Bass Melody Practice
51. A Happy Bass Melody Performance
52. A Happy Bass Melody Accompaniment
53. A Happy Treble Melody Practice
54. A Happy Treble Melody Performance
55. A Happy Treble Melody Accompaniment
56. Morning Practice
57. Morning Performance
58. Morning Accompaniment
59. Piano Polka Practice
60. Piano Polka Performance
61. Piano Polka Accompaniment
62. The Octave Song Practice
63. The Octave Song Performance
64. The Octave Song Accompaniment
65. Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star Practice
66. Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star Performance
67. Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star Accompaniment
68. Cardinals in the Trees Practice
69. Cardinals in the Trees Performance
70. Cardinals in the Trees Accompaniment
71. Evening Bells Practice
72. Evening Bells Performance
73. Evening Bells Accompaniment
74. The Grand Entrance Practice
75. The Grand Entrance Performance
76. The Grand Entrance Accompaniment
77. Vikings Practice
78. Vikings Performance
79. Vikings Accompaniment
80. Row, Row, Row Your Boat Practice
81. Row, Row, Row Your Boat Performance
82. Row, Row, Row Your Boat Accompaniment
83. When I Jump Out of Bed Practice
84. When I Jump Out of Bed Performance
85. When I Jump Out of Bed Accompaniment
86. Closing

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