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BB213 / 6.95

Count Me In

Brian Balmages and Darcy Vogt Williams


  • Daily Exercises
    isolate the building blocks of rhythm in a logical and sequential way
  • A Flexible Counting System
    because the best system is one that is used every day in your rehearsals
  • Ensembles
    in the form of rounds, duets and trios
    (including full page performance pieces)
  • No Instruments Required
    allowing the book to be used in mixed instrument settings and enabling students to learn advanced rhythms without the need for advanced technique
  • Games
    suggested throughout to make rhythm instruction fun

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10 Intonation Studies and Chorales

Enhance your warm-up and develop stellar intonation with this thoughtful set of 10 intonation studies and chorales. Designed to help students hear harmony in a logical and progressive way, exercises include harmonizing scales to open strings, the use of open string drones during chorales, studies in various keys, attention to bow distribution, and much more. Complete with an extensive discussion featuring practical uses for each study and suggested combinations throughout the year. A fabulous resource for all string orchestras, including honor orchestras!


A Scale in Time

JoAnne Erwin, Kathleen Horvath,
Robert D. McCashin, Brenda Mitchell

Pedagogy Made Practical
A full collection of scales, chorales, etudes, and an expanded alternative styles section all in one book!

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One and two octave scale patterns
Major, natural minor and melodic minor
Improvisation loops, studies and tunes for training in alternative styles
Blues, mixolydian and lydian scales
Rhythm Studies
SB306VN / 7.95
SB306VLA / 7.95
SB306VC / 7.95
Double Bass
SB306DB / 7.95

Conductor's Score
SB306CS / 18.95

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Joanne Erwin, Kathleen Horvath,
Robert D. McCashin, Brenda Mitchell
Supplemental music by
Soon Hee Newbold and Elliot Del Borgo

Written by a team of pedagogues representing each of the four stringed instruments, this exciting method includes many “new directions,” including equal integration of all instruments and a tetrachord-based approach to support proper development of the left hand. Discover the abundance of assessment opportunities, attention to bow control, and the incredible music that will surely motivate your students!

Based on more than 100 years of combined teaching experience
Written by a team of pedagogues representing each of the four stringed instruments
Supplemental music by Soon Hee Newbold and Elliot Del Borgo
Includes 2 Play-Along CDs with each student book

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Violin Book 1 (includes 2 CDs)

SB303VN / 8.95

Viola Book 1 (includes 2 CDs)

SB303VLA / 8.95

Cello Book 1 (includes 2 CDs)

SB303VC / 8.95

Double Bass Book 1 (A Position) (includes 2 CDs)

SB303DBA / 8.95

Double Bass Book 1 (D Position) (includes 2 CDs)

SB303DBD / 8.95

Piano Accompaniment Book 1

SB303PIA / 14.95

Teacher's Manual Book 1 (includes 2 CDs)

SB303TM / 39.95

Violin Book 2 (includes 2 CDs)

SB304VN / 8.95

Viola Book 2 (includes 2 CDs)

SB304VLA / 8.95

Cello Book 2 (includes 2 CDs)

SB304VC / 8.95

Double Bass Book 2 (includes 2 CDs)

SB304DB / 8.95

Piano Accompaniment Book 2

SB304PIA / 12.95

Teacher's Manual Book 2 (includes 2 CDs)
SB304TM / 39.95


Superior Strings in Sixteen Weeks

SB305 / 7.95
Peggy Wheeler and Carrie Lane Gruselle

One Book focuses on bowing, tone, and expression, features melody in all sections of the orchestra, and provides systematic approaches to the following issues:

Tone and Intonation

Harmonized scale warm ups

Tuning to open strings in various patterns

String crossing with three note chords and arpeggios

Simple chorales for work on balance

Chorale melodies distributed among all instruments

Scales presented in “string order”

Bowing and rhythm patterns

Weekly progressive rhythm exercises

Twenty short excerpts from orchestral repertoire

Excerpts emphasize the relationship of bowing style to articulation and interpretation
Festival Preparation

• Tips for a healthy approach to performance

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Lessons in Performance

For Beginning and Developing Strings

Jason Barrera and David Shaffer
Text by Brenda Mitchell

FJH is pleased to introduce Lessons in Performance for Beginning and Developing Strings, Book 1: Journey Through North America. Featuring 15 pieces with full score analyses, techniques for conducting and teaching, background information and supplemental exercises, Lessons in Performance bridges the gap between rehearsal and concert halls. Also ideal for cross-curricular teaching, all supplemental materials incorporate the National Standards. In addition, this publication provides a perfect theme for summer string camps. You are sure to find multiple uses for this outstanding educational publication!

More Information

Conductor /
Teacher's Manual
SB302CS / 24.95
(Includes CD)

Violin 1 SB302VN1 / 4.50
Violin 2 SB302VN2 / 4.50
Violin 3 (Viola T.C.) SB302VN3 / 4.50
Viola SB302VLA / 4.50
Violoncello SB302VC / 4.50
Double Bass SB302DB / 4.50
Piano Accompaniment SB302PIA / 4.50



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