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Christopher Goldston

Christopher Goldston

Christopher Goldston holds a Master of Music degree in piano performance and pedagogy from Northwestern University, and a Bachelor of Music degree in piano performance from the University of North Carolina-Greensboro. He lives in Chicago, Illinois, and has taught at Sherwood Conservatory of Music and Harper College. In 1991, Mr. Goldston received the National Federation of Music Clubs Lynn Freeman Olson Composition Award for his first composition, Night Train. Since then, he has written numerous pieces for piano, voice, and chamber ensemble, including Thesis for Wind Quintet, which won the 1993 North Carolina State Music Teachers Association Collegiate Composition Contest.

Mr. Goldston has taught piano for over ten years and enjoys composing and arranging pieces for his students. Many of them have created pieces of their own under his guidance and have received top prizes in state competitions. Mr. Goldston has also served as chair of the composition contest for Illinois State Music Teachers Association and MTNA East Central Division.

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