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Adaptable Music

From The FJH Music Company

Whether you have a very small ensemble or even just 4 flutes, FJH is committed to providing you with practical, musical solutions to meet virtually every possible need. Scroll through to see solutions for band, strings, or virtually any combination of instruments you can imagine! Whether you are looking for performance music, collections, or teaching resources, we have solutions!

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FJH Flex

Serves as a bridge between The Reimagine Initiative (fully adaptable for any instrument combination) and concert band music with standard instrumentation. Flex instrumentation allows for use with smaller ensembles with instrumentation challenges, woodwind or brass ensemble, clarinet choir, saxophone choir, strings, full orchestra and more.

Arabian Dances Balmages, Brian Flexible4B1848 
Flourishes Owens, William Flexible2.5 - 3B1861 
Suite Treats Various Flexible3 - 4B1863 
Carpathia Owens, William Flexible1.5 - 2B1862 
Jungle Dance Balmages, Brian Flexible4B1886
Bell Carol Rock Leontovych, Mykola D.Fraley, RyanFlexible4B1887

Reimagine Initiative

(Music reimagined for flexible ensembles with adaptable instrumentation)

Originally designed to address the needs of small ensembles with exceptional instrumentation challenges, The Reimagine Initiative has grown into a series that not only offers great, functional music for ensembles of all sizes and instrumentation, but also includes a wealth of additional teaching opportunities that extend beyond performance.

  • Adaptable Parts – All musicians have access to ALL parts of every piece. Playable with any combination of instruments!
  • Alternate Parts – In addition to adaptable parts, tenor sax and horn have alternate parts putting them in an ideal range.
  • Accompaniment – An easy piano part is provided for additional support. When appropriate, chords are included for guitar players.
  • Play Along – Downloadable mp3 tracks are included for students to practice with and even use in performance or at home.
  • Percussion – In addition to adaptable mallet parts, separate percussion parts are also provided.
  • Teaching Opportunities Far Beyond Performance – Let students make choices about orchestration, flip your band so bass voices always have the melody, teach the same musical line to everyone at the same time…. endless possibilities!
Colliding Visions Balmages, Brian Adaptable Concert Band1B1828 
Moscow, 1941 Balmages, Brian Adaptable Concert Band2B1829 
Blue Ridge Reel Balmages, Brian Adaptable Concert Band3B1830 
Arith-Metric No. 1 Balmages, Brian Adaptable Concert Band3B1831 
Alarm Standridge, Randall D. Adaptable Concert Band1B1832 
Voyage of the Dragon Armada Loest, Timothy Adaptable Concert Band0.5B1833 
Champions Rising Sims, Adrian B. Adaptable Concert Band1.5B1834 
Energy! Sims, Adrian B. Adaptable Concert Band2.5B1835 
Tambora! Owens, William Adaptable Concert Band0.5B1836 
Epic Venture Grant, Tyler S. Adaptable Concert Band2.5B1837 
Lost Woods Fantasy Hall, JaRod Adaptable Concert Band1.5B1838 
Union March Rogers, Mekel Adaptable Concert Band1B1839 
Dark Ride Standridge, Randall D. Adaptable Concert Band1.5B1840 
Chorale and Mystic Chant Loest, Timothy Adaptable Concert Band1B1841 
Kinetic Dances Standridge, Randall D. Adaptable Concert Band3.5B1842 
Destiny Fanfare Rogers, Mekel Adaptable Concert Band1B1843 
Blue Ridge Reel Balmages, Brian Adaptable String Orchestra3ST6517 
Arith-Metric No. 1 For Strings Balmages, Brian Adaptable String Orchestra3ST6518 
Abandoned Funhouse, The Balmages, Brian Adaptable String Orchestra0.5ST6519 
Gaelic Castle Newbold, Soon Hee Adaptable String Orchestra1ST6520 
Viking Newbold, Soon Hee Adaptable String Orchestra2ST6521 
Finale (from Serenade for Strings)Tchaikovsky, Peter IlyichGruselle, Carrie LaneAdaptable String Orchestra1.5ST6522 
Russian Music Box, The Newbold, Soon Hee Adaptable String Orchestra1ST6523