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Orchestra & String Orchestra

Polka from Czech SuiteDvořák, AntonínMcCashin, Robert DFJH String Orchestra3ST6538
Carnival OvertureDvořák, AntonínGruselle, Carrie LaneFJH String Orchestra3.5ST6539
Jupiter RisingHolst, GustavGruselle, Carrie LaneFJH Beginning Strings1ST6540
Andante and AllegroMozart, Wolfgang AmadeusMcCashin, Robert DFJH String Orchestra3ST6541
To B, or Not to B?LaBrie, Katie O’HaraFJH Developing Strings2.5ST6542
Visions of the SkySims, Adrian B.FJH String Orchestra4ST6543
RondeauPurcell, HenryMonday, Deborah BakerFJH String Orchestra3ST6544
Themes from Rhapsody in BlueGershwin, GeorgeGruselle, Carrie LaneFJH String Orchestra3.5 - 4ST6545
MomentousBalmages, BrianFJH Beginning Strings0.5 - 2ST6546
Angels Greet with Anthems SweetTraditionalThomas, ChrisFJH String Orchestra4ST6547
Bits of BrandenburgBach, J.S.Gruselle, Carrie LaneFJH Developing Strings2ST6548
All the ThingsBalmages, BrianFJH String Orchestra4ST6549
Double AgentBalmages, BrianFJH Beginning Strings1.5ST6550
Lair at Midnight, TheTippette, Bruce W.FJH Beginning Strings0.5ST6551
Shadow DefendersLaBrie, Katie O’HaraFJH String Orchestra3ST6552
ElementaNewbold, Soon HeeFJH String Orchestra4ST6553
Battle of the BowsThomas, ChrisFJH Developing Strings2.5ST6555