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Measures of Success®

Measures of Success® was created to ignite musical curiosity, to unite conceptual knowledge with performance skills, to foster understanding of the many ways that people share and interact with music, and to assess each student's continued musical growth.

New Directions® for Strings

Written by a team of pedagogues representing each of the four stringed instruments, this exciting method includes many “new directions.”

FJH Beginning Strings

(Grade 1 - 1.5)
Appropriate for first year string students. All instruments stay in first position, and optional third violin (viola) parts and piano are included to aid in rehearsal and performance situations.

FJH Developing Strings

(Grades 2 – 2.5)
Slightly more advanced than Beginning Strings, this series begins to involve more position work and a slightly more complex rhythmic figures. Rehearsal piano is often provided. Ideal for middle school and smaller high school programs.

FJH String Orchestra

(Grades 3 and up)
More emphasis on bow technique and independence of lines. For the accomplished middle, high school, college, or professional group.

FJH Full Orchestra

(Grades 1 - 3)
Full orchestra music for beginning and developing ensembles.

FJH Symphony Orchestra

(Grades 4 - 5)
Full orchestra music for more advanced ensembles.

The Reimagine Initiative

(All Levels)
Music reimagined for flexible ensembles with adaptable instrumentation.

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