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Mike Lynch

Mike Lynch

(1945 - 2018)

Mike Lynch aka “Ukulele Mike” received his B.A. in music education from St. Martin’s University in Lacey, Washington and a second B.A. in music composition from The Cornish School of Allied Arts in Seattle, Washington. Mike has taught classroom music for over 40 years from pre-school through college. Also a multi-instrumentalist and composer of music for worship, many of his hymns can be found in various hymnals and are very familiar to congregations throughout the U.S. Mike’s original film scores can be heard on numerous television documentaries and syndicated programming.

He composed music for the celebrated PBS series Wings Over America and his original music can also be heard on the nationally syndicated radio program Imagination Theater, featuring such radio mystery dramas as The Adventures of Harry Nile and The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. “Ukulele Mike” has been seen and followed by literally thousands of people globally through his highly-acclaimed You Tube instructional videos.

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