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Carol Matz

Carol Matz

Carol Matz is a talented composer, arranger, and author of educational piano material. She has also maintained a private piano teaching studio for over fifteen years where she has enjoyed teaching students of all ages within a wide range of abilities. Improvisation, composition, and music appreciation are all incorporated into Carol's teaching, along with an emphasis on artistic expression.

Carol studied composition, arranging, and orchestration at the University of Miami. She was the recipient of the Knight-Ridder Silver Knight Award in Music, sponsored by The Miami Herald. In addition to her compositions and arrangements for piano, Carol has also written for a variety of ensembles including full orchestra, jazz big band, chorus, string quartet, and brass quintet. Her work also includes studio arrangements and recording sessions for several artists in Miami-area recording studios, as well as numerous sheet music arrangements for many internationally-known recording artists.

In addition to original music, Carol has also written a variety of successful instructional publications and arrangements, including The FJH Classic Note Speller (Books 1 & 2),and the Piano for Two© duet series (equal part duets for one piano, four hands).

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