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Christopher Oill

Christopher Oill

Christopher Oill is a concert pianist, composer, and teacher, who leads performance and pedagogy into the 22nd century, perfecting “what is” and experimenting with “what could be.” Throughout his career, he has arranged music and MIDI recordings for the Faber Piano Adventures, performed in various locations of the U.S.A., held multiple positions on the ASMTA board, written blogs on oillmusic.com, and presented at numerous conferences. He holds an MM in Piano Performance Pedagogy from Arizona State University, and a BM in Piano Performance and Music Education from the Crane School of Music at SUNY Potsdam.

As a performer, Christopher convincingly communicates emotional messages through creative programming and daring interpretations. As a teacher, he helps students discover and master unique niches. As a composer, he constantly seeks new sounds to utilize, which shows through his eclectic collection. His pedagogical works are inspired by interests and needs of his own students. Before they are published, they are student-tested and teacher-approved. This ensures that they are pedagogically sound and a joy to play!

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