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Sean Thrower

Sean Thrower

Sean Thrower is a guitarist with interest and versatility in an eclectic mix of playing styles and genres, which has led him to perform in a wide variety of settings and venues across the world. He holds both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in music performance from the University of Georgia where he studied classical guitar with renowned pedagogue, John Sutherland (a protégé of Andrés Segovia), and founding member of the Georgia Guitar Quartet, Dr. Philip Snyder.

As an author and composer, Sean has written and published several music books including Traversing the Fretboard: Utilizing the CAGED System in More Ways than One, The Segovia Scales, and Way to Play: Classical Guitar: Contemporary Concepts 1 for FJH Music. Another outlet for his writing started in 2017 when he founded Guitar Ramble, now an LLC which he runs with his long-time band mate and business partner, Sam Green. Guitar Ramble is a website dedicated to fostering a greater connection amongst guitarists from all styles and genres that have interest in broadening their creative and technical musical pursuits. Content includes lessons, gear reviews, music articles, and other guitar related resources. As an instructor, Sean has taught many students through his own studio, Thrower Guitar Studio, and various institutions. Currently, he is on staff at Berry College and Kennesaw State University.

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