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Teresa Wilhelmi

Teresa Wilhelmi

Teresa Wilhelmi has entertained audiences since the age of three. She is a musical improv artist, composer, arranger, and producer credited with theatrical scores, choral arrangements, and over a dozen books of popular keyboard arrangements. She is a popular speaker and entertainer at conferences across the country. Teresa's expressions on the piano range from the whimsical to the deepest expressions of emotion. Often chided as a child for not "playing normally," she freely improvises on the piano and in all of life. She has developed a drive for life that is expressed through her music and her presence on stage.

A spirited musician, Teresa emphasizes living with a creative passion under the empowerment of our creator, and stresses the need to take creative risks not only in the world of art and music but also in approaching lifeĀ¹s daily challenges. Her ability to communicate her passions encourages others to chase after their dreams, and creates an exciting, uplifting experience.

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