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Maureen Cox

Maureen Cox

Maureen Cox studied for her B.A. at the universities of Bristol in England and Paris-Sorbonne in France. She received her diploma in education from the University of London and the coveted National Froebel Foundation Teaching Certificate from the Maria Grey College before embarking on a teaching career in England and in Scotland. In response to the needs of her music pupils, Maureen produced what is now in the UK a top selling series of five books entitled Theory is Fun. This series, revised and edited by Dr. Victoria McArthur, is now available under the title Blast Off with Music Theory.

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Blast Off with Music Theory! Book 1ElementaryBlast Off with Music Theory!SoloFJH1169
Blast Off with Music Theory! Book 2Late ElementaryBlast Off with Music Theory!SoloFJH1170
Blast Off with Music Theory! Book 3Late ElementaryBlast Off with Music Theory!SoloFJH1171
Blast Off with Music Theory! Book 4Early IntermediateBlast Off with Music Theory!SoloFJH1172
Blast Off with Music Theory! Book 5Early IntermediateBlast Off with Music Theory!SoloFJH1173