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Three Celtic Dances 

Brian Balmages
Grade 4

This three-movement work is based on various Scottish dance forms and includes a combination of authentic and original music. The opening begins with a light-hearted presentation of the melody in typical Scottish fashion. As the movement develops, rhythms and harmonies become more intense and driving before a burst of percussion brings it to a sudden close. The second movement, , uses solo alto saxophone in a lush and lyrical setting of . The theme, presented in two contrasting settings, becomes extremely powerful with soaring countermelodies before returning to the tranquility of the opening. The final movement, , makes use of expansive percussion as it celebrates one of the most well-known Celtic dance forms. The composer layers themes and various sounds throughout as the work builds to a furious conclusion supported by an enormous battery of percussion. Thrilling!

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Item No.
Full Set: B1358 95.00
Score Only: B1358S 15.00