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Month of the Cold Moon 

Roland Barrett
Grade 4

Inspired by the tragic story of "The Trail of Tears," this work depicts the long journey made by the Cherokees when they were forced to leave their land and journey a thousand miles on foot. From shock to outrage, the opening section paints a vivid picture of chaos, depicted by forceful bass pedal points and powerful chords throughout the group. Unison ensemble hits announce the beginning of the journey. As the music builds, the unison hits continue to interject so as not to be forgotten. The middle section captures immense sadness and desperation through the use of delicate textures and lush harmonies. Previous themes all come together as the final section seeks to bring closure to this tragic event in American history. Powerful and emotional.

Audio Only:
Item No.
Full Set: B1367 85.00
Score Only: B1367S 11.00