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Midnight on Main Street 

Brian Balmages
Grade 5

This imaginative work was conceived as the underscore to a fictional fireworks show. The opening section suggests the massive fireworks bursting in grand fashion as the music thrives on each explosion, feeding on energy in a frenzy of excitement. As one final firework explodes to blanket the sky in lights, the second section begins. This section is very impressionistic, depicting a stunning laser show with an array of colors and images. The final section is based on an infectious dance in 7/8 time. This musical celebration is both driving and playful, signifying the return of the fireworks. A coda section includes huge fanfares, forceful rhythms, and metallic sounds that welcome the grand finale while building to a dramatic conclusion. Absolutely amazing!

Audio Only:
Item No.
Full Set: B1392 90.00
Score Only: B1392S 11.00