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Lexicon of the Gods 

Rossano Galante
Grade 5

This programmatic work depicts three great Mythological Gods: Perseus, the Greek hero and legendary founder of Mycenae, Penthos, the spirit of grief and lamentation, and lastly, Zeus, who ruled as King of the Gods on Mount Olympus. The first movement, , is a rousing, dramatic piece with a heroic trumpet theme. The piece develops into a flowing, melodic section that is accompanied by a rhythmic pulse in the lower reeds and brass. The main theme returns with a grand, stately tempo incorporating the full ensemble. The second movement, , is a lyrical, plaintiff meditation on humans dissolving into a contemplative mood. The final movement, , represents the strength and power of the Dyaus Pita or Sky Father. The coda utilizes chordal brass to bring this epic work to its stirring conclusion!

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