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Band & Orchestra Submissions:

Greetings, Fellow Musician!

Many thanks for your interest in The FJH Music Company and our submission process.

Please note that FJH will only evaluate submissions consisting of original music you have composed, original arrangements of music in the Public Domain, or original instructional material you have written. FJH does not evaluate submissions that consist of arrangements of copyrighted material.

The following materials/information must be included with each submission:

• a clean, engraved .pdf score (no parts, no Finale or Sibelius files)

• an audio file (.mp3 only--no Finale, Sibelius, or .wav files)

• information about the piece (why it was written, special features, grade level, etc.)

Be sure to forward all of this material at one time, preferably in a zip file so it stays together. Alternatively, if you have access to cloud storage i.e. Dropbox, Google Drive, Hightail etc., you may forward a link to these materials, where they can be easily accessed in one place.

The FJH submission review process takes some time so please only submit one or two manuscripts for evaluation, and if you are providing access through cloud storage, please make sure there is an extended limit on the access time. Right now, FJH estimates that it will be at least a few months before our editors will be able to get back with you. Given the pandemic's impact on schools and the market for educational music in general, we are just now starting to see things getting closer to normal.

FJH anticipates that in the immediate future, new additions to the catalog will be focused on the lower grade levels. Until schools and demand ramp back up, we anticipate offering a more limited amount of new material.

Best wishes and regards,
The FJH Music Company Editorial Staff