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My First Easy to Play Guitar Tablature Book

Philip Groeber

If you are:
• new to the guitar
• a guitarist who has been away from practicing for a while
• interested in learning how to read guitar tablature
• a guitar student (or teacher) who wants to add a little zip to their lesson

This book is for you!

This book is intended for the guitar student who has a little experience playing the guitar and wants to learn how to use tablature. A superb supplement to any Grade 1 guitar method, it is perfect for students taking private lessons, group lessons, or students who are teaching themselves.

The use of TAB in this book allows the author to introduce many performance tips that are not often included in most beginning guitar methods. Look for these tips throughout the book.

Here is what you get:

  • clear and concise explanations of the different styles of guitar tablature (Published TAB and ASCII TAB)
  • easy-to-play TAB melodies, many include the 5-line staff
  • simple chords with guitar frames at every chord change
  • a multitude of valuable tips to help you learn new techniques quickly and accurately
  • many famous melodies and popular rock/blues riffs that you can easily learn
  • a glossary that contains the musical terms you need to know
  • Free Downloadable Recordings with melody and chord accompaniment
Get ready! This book will take you from simple TAB examples to the coolest sounding guitar riffs found on the internet.

Every book in the My First Easy to Play guitar series is chock full of helpful tips and suggestions that you will not find in most guitar instruction books. These tips appear throughout the book to enhance the learning process and provide thorough understanding of every new concept and technique.

Series: My First Easy to Play Guitar Level: Elementary - Late Elementary
Composer: Philip Groeber Arranger: 
Instrument: Guitar Format: Book
Editor:  Subject: Tablature
ISBN-13: 678-1-61928-142-4 Barcode: 674398234493