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Everybody's Electric Bass Method 1

Michael Trowbridge and Philip Groeber

“There is something for everybody!”

This comprehensive book guides the beginning bass student from the music stand to the band stand by concentrating on two important concepts:

1) Enable beginning bass students to quickly learn to read music, using three valuable resources:

• Use of tablature
• Free downloads, 87 audio tracks
• 10 informative videos

2) Provide the bassist practical tools they need to get on the stage as performers

• Create your own bass lines
• Study the three lessons on Chord Theory: Roots, Fifths, Primary Chords
• Set up the Groove
• Advanced Technique

Five informative icons are used throughout this book to help students zero in on important performance information that you need to know for musical success.

  • Discovery Encourages the student to get “off the page” and look into creative aspects of bass performance. Oftentimes new elements are introduced. Use of TAB is very helpful.
  • Know Your Bass Learn the information bassists need to know about their instrument.
  • Music Master Explains music terms and theory ideas.
  • Research Encourages students to do deeper Internet research on pertinent aspects of music.
  • Technique Tips Proper technique makes everything easier to play. Study these valuable tips.

Series: Everybody’s Bass Method Level: 
Composer: Michael Trowbridge and Philip Groeber Arranger: 
Instrument: Electric Bass Format: Book
Editor:  Subject: Method Book
ISBN-13: 978-1-61928-228-5 Barcode: 241444392980