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Everybody's Electric Bass: Scales and Arpeggios

Philip Groeber

This is the book that you have been looking for, an easy to play, systematic way to help you learn about playing scales and arpeggios on the electric bass. Although scales and arpeggios may seem complex, learning to play them is really quite simple, based on patterns. You will find yourself playing scales and arpeggios in no time, and you will see how this new knowledge helps you to learn new songs quickly!

Features of This Book:


  • major and minor scales are presented in one- and two-octave versions
  • create major scales and the three forms of minor scales
  • two-octave harmonic minor scales
  • learn secrets about scales, a little music theory, and the history of scales

  • major and minor arpeggios are presented in a one-octave version
  • movable arpeggios patterns for further study

  • ear and eye training tips
  • discover how to get the most out of your metronome
  • scale, arpeggio, and musicianship tips located throughout the book
  • a glossary that defines the musical terms you need to know

Series: Everybody’s Bass Method Level: 
Composer: Philip Groeber Arranger: 
Instrument: Electric Bass Format: Book
Editor: Michael Trowbridge Subject: Method Book
ISBN-13: 978-1-61928-237-7 Barcode: 241444393970