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Way to Play!

Welcome to a new guitar series by The FJH Music Company. The Way to Play! publications introduce guitarists to the particular style of music that they really want to learn: blues, bluegrass, classical, country, folk, jazz, rock, etc. From blues to bluegrass, from classical to country, we have you covered. Each publication contains standard notation, tablature and chord frames at every chord change. Listen to the free downloadable recordings. The ins and outs of the guitar are brought to you fast and effectively with engaging music and informative text. Let’s get busy!

Way To Play: Jazz Guitar: Chord Melody 1Tonelli & GroeberGuitarG1056
Way To Play: Classical Guitar: Contemporary Concepts 1Thrower, SeanGuitarG1070
Way to Play: Jazz Guitar, Riffs and ChordsTonelli & GroeberGuitarG1052
Way to Play: Bluegrass Guitar, Solos and RhythmHicks & GroeberGuitarG1053