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Measures of Success for String Orchestra, Book 2

Page 2: Harmonics

Page 2: Harmonics (Cello)

Page 2: Harmonics (Bass)

Page 4: Detache

Page 12: Bow Speed

Page 15: Bow Distribution

Page 17: Low 1st Finger B-flat

Page 17: Backward Extension B-flat (Cello)

Page 17: B-flat on the G String (Bass)

Page 23: High 3rd Finger C-sharp

Page 23: Forward Extension C-sharp (Cello)

Page 26: 2nd Position (Cello)

Page 29: 4th Position (Bass)

Page 30: Tenuto and Staccato

Page 40: Low 4th Finger E-flat

Page 46: 3rd Position (Cello)

Page 40: E-flat on the D String (Bass)