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Highlights for 2023

Orchestra - Recapitulation 2023-2024 Issue

Colliding VisionsBalmages, BrianThe ReImagine Initiative1.0B1828
Arith-Metric No. 1Balmages, BrianThe ReImagine Initiative3.0B1831
Voyage of the Dragon ArmadaLoest, TimothyThe ReImagine Initiative0.5B1833
Champions RisingSims, Adrian B.The ReImagine Initiative1.5B1834
Energy!Sims, Adrian B.The ReImagine Initiative2.5B1835
Epic VentureGrant, Tyler S.The ReImagine Initiative2.5B1837
Lost Woods FantasyHall, JaRodThe ReImagine Initiative1.5B1838
Union MarchRogers, MekelThe ReImagine Initiative1.0B1839
Dark RideStandridge, Randall D.The ReImagine Initiative1.5B1840
Chorale and Mystic ChantLoest, TimothyThe ReImagine Initiative1.0B1841
Kinetic DancesStandridge, Randall D.The ReImagine Initiative3.5B1842
Destiny FanfareRogers, MekelThe ReImagine Initiative1.0B1843
Jungle DanceBalmages, BrianFJH Flex Series2.5B1886
Summer DancesBalmages, BrianFJH Symphony Orchestra4.5OR5004
Egyptian LegacyRydlund, CarlFJH Symphony Orchestra4.5OR5009
Pirate's Legend, ANewbold, Soon HeeFJH Full Orchestra3OR5010
On Top of the WorldBalmages, BrianFJH Symphony Orchestra4.5OR5011
Three Riders OvertureGruselle, Carrie LaneFJH Full Orchestra3OR5013
Festive Fanfare, ABalmages, BrianFJH Full Orchestra3OR5014
Dream MachineBalmages, BrianFJH Symphonic Orchestra5OR5015
Super (Em)PowersBalmages, BrianFJH Full Orchestra Plus3.5 - 4OR5016
Arabian DancesBalmages, BrianFJH Symphony Orchestra4OR5017
Alpha and OmegaNewbold, Soon HeeFJH Symphony Orchestra5OR5018
Phantom TangosBalmages, BrianFJH String Orchestra4ST6168
Lion CityNewbold, Soon HeeFJH String Orchestra3ST6190
Greater Than...Balmages, BrianFJH String Orchestra1 - 3.5ST6488
SerenityTippette, Bruce W.FJH Developing Strings2ST6489
Yuletide Reel, AtraditionalGiardiniere, DavidFJH String Orchestra3.5.ST6490
Larghetto and AllegroHandel, George FridericMcCashin, Robert DFJH String Orchestra3.5ST6491
OvertureBach, J.S.McCashin, Robert DFJH String Orchestra4ST6493
Inner Planets , TheHolst, GustavGruselle, Carrie LaneFJH String Orchestra4ST6494
Magical Night SkyAvilés, CésarFJH Developing Strings2.5ST6495
Album for the YoungTchaikovsky, Pyotr IllyichMcCashin, Robert DFJH Developing Strings2.5ST6496
Suite from CarmenBizet, GeorgeMcCashin, Robert DFJH String Orchestra3.5ST6497
UrbanicityWhittington, R. ScottFJH String Orchestra3ST6498
Pirate’s Plunder, AOostenbroek, NeridahFJH Developing Strings2ST6499
Hoedown ShowdownOostenbroek, NeridahFJH String Orchestra3ST6500
Symphony No. 19Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusGruselle, Carrie LaneFJH String Orchestra3ST6501
Dances from TerpsichorePraetorius, MichaelGruselle, Carrie LaneFJH Developing Strings2.5ST6502
Calm and BrightGruber, Franz XavierLaBrie, Katie O HaraFJH Developing Strings2.5ST6504
Deliberate DiversionsBalmages, BrianFJH Developing Strings2.5ST6505
Orient et OccidentSaint-Saëns, CamilleMonday, Deborah BakerFJH String Orchestra3.5ST6506
Baile de LilaThomas, ChrisFJH String Orchestra3ST6507
Glimpse of Winter, AGrant, Tyler S.FJH Developing Strings2.5ST6509
Beauty and FireThomas, ChrisFJH String Orchestra3ST6510
Medieval Carol , ADenney, MorganFJH Developing Strings2ST6511
Greater Than... Supplemental SetBalmages, BrianFJH String Orchestra1-2ST6516