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FJH Developing Strings

(Grade 2 - 2.5) Slightly more advanced than Beginning Strings, this series begins to involve more position work and a slightly more complex rhythmic figures. Rehearsal piano is often provided. Ideal for middle school and smaller high school programs.

Touch of Ireland, ADel Borgo, Elliot2.5ST6004
Play Fiddler, PlaySimon, Robert L.2.5ST6010
Folk Song Gum Tree CanoeSimon, Robert L.2ST6011
Prelude in E MinorChopin, FrédéricLongfield, Robert2ST6016
Star-Spangled Banner, TheSmith, John StaffordCaputo, Charles "Bud"2ST6020
Caribbean CarolBulla, Stephen2.5ST6021
Jericho JourneyBulla, Stephen2ST6022
Fugue No. 5 in D MajorBach, Johann SebastianLongfield, Robert2.5ST6023
Plaisir d’amourMartini, GiovanniLongfield, Robert2.5ST6024
Medieval ScenesBernofsky, Lauren2ST6025
Dragon DancesNewbold, Soon Hee2ST6032
Spirit of the American WestNewbold, Soon Hee2ST6033
Concerto in D Major First MovementTelemann, Georg PhilippMcCashin, Robert D.2ST6042
Creepy Crawl, TheShaffer, David2ST6043
Concertino in GDel Borgo, Elliot2ST6044
Li'l Liza JaneBulla, Stephen2.5ST6046
Capital Ship, ACarryl, Charles E.Gruselle, Carrie Lane2ST6048
World Lullabies from A to Zzzzz…Gruselle, Carrie Lane2ST6051
Goblin FeastSharp, Keith2ST6057
Ships of IrelandNewbold, Soon Hee2ST6060
Dumfries PlaceScottish TraditionalMcCashin, Robert D.2.5ST6062
Carillon from L'arlesienne Suite No. 1Bizet, GeorgesMcCashin, Robert D.2.5ST6063
JerichoSpiritualSchaffer, David2.5ST6065
Ho Ho HoedownShaffer, David2ST6069
MomentumLongfield, Robert2ST6070
Le froid de l'hiver The Cold of the WinterNewbold, Soon Hee2ST6072
Deep RiverAfrican-American SpiritualGruselle, Carrie Lane2.5ST6074
Bushwhacker StompSharp, Keith2ST6075
Skaters' Waltz, TheWaldteufel, EmilLongfield, Robert2.5ST6077
Cruising the CaribbeanCalypso TunesGruselle, Carrie Lane2.5ST6079
King’s Fiddlers, TheSharp, Keith2ST6081
Prelude to Te DeumCharpentier, Marc-AntoineMcCashin, Robert D.2.5ST6083
Gypsy Tale, ANewbold, Soon Hee2ST6087
Swing There, Done ThatNorgaard, Martin2.5ST6093
Themes from The NutcrackerTchaikovsky, Pyotr IllyichGruselle, Carrie Lane2.5ST6098
Wabash Cannonball, TheTraditionalGruselle, Carrie Lane2ST6104
Over the Waves Sobre las OlasRosas, JuventinoLongfield, Robert2.5ST6106
Song of the Sea MarinerNewbold, Soon Hee2.5ST6112
MythosNewbold, Soon Hee2.5ST6114
Fiddle FeverSharp, Keith2.5ST6115
Variations on an Irish TuneBalmages, Brian2ST6116
Medieval Wars Prelude, Tournament, and CeremonyBalmages, Brian2ST6122
Eine Kleine Nachtmusik A Little Night MusicMozart, Wolfgang AmadeusGruselle, Carrie Lane2.5ST6123
Ding Dong! Merrily on HighTraditionalGruselle, Carrie Lane2.5ST6128
Danse Russe Trepak from The NutcrackerTchaikovsky, Pyotr IllyichMcCashin, Robert D.2ST6129
Dance MysteriosoShaffer, David2.5ST6132
Dance of the Samodivi Woodland FairiesNewbold, Soon Hee2ST6136
Fiddle O'FinniganSharp, Keith2ST6139
CreaturesBalmages, Brian2ST6144
Soldier's Hymn, ANewbold, Soon Hee2.5ST6146
Three Groovy Grizzlies, TheGruselle, Carrie Lane2.5ST6152
Danza Latina for Solo Viola or Violin and OrchestraBalmages, Brian2 (4/2.5)ST6156
Riders in the Night Life of a CowboyNewbold, Soon Hee2ST6159
Blue Danube, TheStrauss, Jr., JohannMcCashin, Robert D.2.5ST6162
SpartacusBalmages, Brian2.5ST6163
Night Before Christmas, The for Narration, String Orchestra, and PercussionMoore, Clement ClarkeSwearingen, James2ST6166
Boots and SaddleSharp, Keith2ST6167
Ukrainian Bell CarolLeontovych, Mykola DmytrovychMorales, Erik2ST6169
March of the Mouse BattalionGruselle, Carrie Lane2.5ST6176
Wood Splitter FanfareBalmages, Brian2.5ST6177
Little Suite for StringsGurlitt, CorneliusMcCashin, Robert D.2.5ST6181
Rhythmic Snapshots of ChristmasTraditionalBalmages, Brian2.5ST6185
Mariachi!O'Neill, John2.5ST6186
Bran CastleOwens, William2ST6191
1812 OvertureTchaikovsky, PyotrGruselle, Carrie Lane2ST6193
Sleepers Wake Chorale Prelude from Cantata 140Bach, J.S.Newbold, Soon Hee2ST6198
Haunted Carousel, TheNewbold, Soon Hee2.5ST6199
Gymnopédie No. 1Satie, ErikMcCashin, Robert D.2.5ST6203
Soon I Will Be DoneAfrican-American SpiritualGruselle, Carrie Lane2ST6209
Dance of the Reed Flutes from The NutcrackerTchaikovsky, Pyotr IllyichGruselle, Carrie Lane2.5ST6210
Minuetto from Symphony No. 35 "Haffner"Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusMcCashin, Robert D.2.5ST6216
Phantom TrainOwens, William2ST6219
Rhythms of AfricaNewbold, Soon Hee2.5ST6225
Slane Be Thou My VisionNewbold, Soon Hee2ST6226
Galop!Balmages, Brian2ST6227
Hunting the Wild BeastBalmages, Brian2.5ST6228
Fantasy on "Oh Chanukah"Bernofsky, Lauren2ST6238
RimpiantoLipton, Bob2.5ST6240
Rondo from Eine Kleine NachtmusikMozart, Wolfgang AmadeusGruselle, Carrie Lane2.5ST6243
Rocket Out!Gruselle, Carrie Lane2ST6245
Two Scenes from KinderstuckeMendelssohn, FelixMcCashin, Robert D.2.5ST6246
CarpathiaOwens, William2.5ST6247
Irish FaireNewbold, Soon Hee2ST6252
Country HoedownNewbold, Soon Hee2ST6253
March of the ShadowsBalmages, Brian2ST6257
Frontier PhantomsMonday, Deborah Baker2ST6262
Allegro con brio from Symphony No. 5Beethoven, Ludwig vanO'Neill, John2.5ST6276
Suite from the Magic FluteMozart, Wolfgang AmadeusMcCashin, Robert D2.5ST6282
We Wish You a Klezmer ChristmasBernofsky, Lauren2.5ST6286
TurbulenceOwens, William2ST6287
Courtly Dance from The DanseryeSusato, TielmanLipton, Bob2ST6288
Calypso SeaNewbold, Soon Hee2.5ST6289
Fan DanceNewbold, Soon Hee2ST6290
Lumber Camp Song, TheNewfoundland Folk SongGruselle, Carrie Lane2.5ST6292
Keeper Did A-Hunting Go, TheEnglish Folk SongGruselle, Carrie Lane2ST6295
AfterburnBalmages, Brian2.5ST6296
Calypso CoupeGruselle, Carrie Lane2ST6304
Father GrumbleAmerican Folk SongGruselle, Carrie Lane2.5ST6306
Catalonian SongSpanish Folk SongLipton, Bob2ST6309
In ParadisumFaure, GabrielLipton, Bob2.5-3ST6310
Suite for StringsCharpentier, Marc-AntoineMcCashin, Robert D2.5ST6321
AfterthoughtsBalmages, Brian2ST6322
Lyric PiecesGrieg, EdvardMcCashin, Robert D2.5ST6324
Rest Ye Merry, Rock Ye VeryBalmagese, Brian2.5ST6325
Postcard from MarsBernofsky, Lauren2.5ST6329
Bird, TheHaydn, Franz JosephMoreno, Matthew2.5ST6331
Little Turtle DoveGrusell, Carrie Lane2ST6335
VikingNewbold, Soon Hee2ST6342
Pavane and LesquercardeDelibes, LeoMcCashin, Robert D2.5ST6344
Streets of ShilinOwens, William2ST6354
Dance of the TumblersRimsky-Korsakov, NikolaiLipton, Bob2.5ST6355
ToreadorBizet, GeorgesGruselle, Carrie Lane2.5ST6358
Sweet Petite Winter SuiteBalmages, Brian2ST6359
Hopak!Owens, William2.5ST6361
Electric SinfoniaBernofsky, Lauren2.5ST6362
Perpetual Fiddle MotionBalmages, Brian2.5ST6365
It Is Well with My SoulBliss, PhilipGruselle, Carrie Lane2ST6376
Two Italian DancesPasquini, BernardoMonday, Deborah Baker2ST6377
What the Angels Tell MeMahler, GustavGruselle, Carrie Lane2ST6379
Rustic DanceThomas, Chris2.5ST6381
Forever Joyful!Balmages, Brian2.5ST6384
Lullaby to the MoonBalmages, Brian2ST6386
Yuletide RejoicingOwens, William2ST6388
Bell Carol RockLeontovych, Mykola D.Fraley, Ryan2.5ST6390
A Little Mischief MusicThomas, Chris2.5ST6395
Fire in the BowBalmages, Brian2ST6402
Swashbucklers SagaThomas, Chris2.5ST6404
Simple GiftsBrackett, JosephGruselle, Carrie Lane2ST6407
Nordic Lullaby, AGrieg, EdvardLa Plante, Pierre2.5ST6409
String Players' UnionFagan, Gary2.5ST6419
GagliardaRespighi, OttorinoGruselle, Carrie Lane2.5ST6425
Masquerade WaltzThomas, Chris2ST6430
Wild West HoedownThomas, Chris2.5ST6431
Rock The Halls!Griesinger, Kathryn2ST6432
Stomp It!Griesinger, Kathryn2ST6438
Arre BorriquitoSpanish Folk SongGruselle, Carrie Lane2ST6445
Dueling French DancesGervais, ClaudeMonday, Deborah Baker2ST6453
Electric SinfoniaBernofsky, Lauren0.5-2.5ST6454
Rise of the OlympiansBalmages, Brian2.5ST6455
Riverside Celebration, ABalmages, Brian2.5-3ST6457
Midwinter Fantasy, AHolst, GustavDenney, Morgan2ST6459
If Thou Be NearStolzel, Gottfried HeinrichGruselle, Carrie Lane2.5ST6464
Get ReelingOostenbroek, Neridah2.5ST6472
Finale from Symphony No 12Haydn, Franz JosephGruselle, Carrie Lane2.5ST6476
East My (Rosin) DustBalmages, Brian2.5-3ST6477
Ukrainian DanceMussorgsky, ModestMonday, Deborah Baker2ST6482
Water of Tyne, TheEnglish Folk SongsDenney, Morgan2.5ST6483
Land of DragonsThomas, Chris2.5ST6485
SerenityTippette, Bruce W.2ST6489
Magical Night SkyAvilés, César2.5ST6495
Album for the YoungTchaikovsky, Pyotr IllyichMcCashin, Robert D2.5ST6496
Pirate’s Plunder, AOostenbroek, Neridah2ST6499
Dances from TerpsichorePraetorius, MichaelGruselle, Carrie Lane2.5ST6502
Calm and Bright Silent NightGruber, Franz XavierLaBrie, Katie O Hara2.5ST6504
Deliberate DiversionsBalmages, Brian2.5ST6505
Glimpse of Winter, AGrant, Tyler S.2.5ST6509
Medieval Carol , A Personet HodieDenney, Morgan2ST6511
VoyagerNewbold, Soon Hee2.5ST6515
Allegro Presto from Symphony No. 2Bologne,JosephMonday, Deborah Baker2.5 – 3ST6524
Suite in D Major from Sonata a Quattro (WoO 4)Corelli, ArcangeloMcCashin, Robert D2.5 – 3ST6525
Christmas Day, Christmas Night (I Saw Three Ships • Sussex Carol)Gruselle, Carrie Lane2.5ST6528
(You Are) AmazingBalmages, Brian2.5 – 3ST6529
To B, or Not to B?LaBrie, Katie O’Hara2.5ST6542
Bits of BrandenburgBach, J.S.Gruselle, Carrie Lane2ST6548
Battle of the BowsThomas, Chris2.5ST6555