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Learning Touch Releases

Specific physical motions that produce a desired sound. Each touch release feels differently. Touch releases create the articulations written in the music, and allow students to shape phrases musically. Students can play entire pieces in an artistic manner. Touch releases also release tension in the arm, enabling the performer to play with physical freedom. In Succeeding at the Piano®, friendly icons remind students which touch release to use for the desired sound. These are basic for an excellent technique.

The technique lessons are approachable and not overwhelming in SATP. It's easy for teachers to teach and fun for students to learn. Students learn natural and healthy technique from the very beginning. Five basic physical gestures, which are called, "touch releases" are new. The "touch releases" are reinforced by friendly visual icons so that students learn when to use each touch release. They also learn why they should use each touch release. These five basic physical gestures are the basis for all excellent technique.

Excellent Hand Position

2nd edition and the "All in One Approach"
p. 5 of SATP, Prep level

"Drip Drop Roll" Touch release + Guide Notes

(2nd edition p. 36 and 37 of SATP, Prep level; AIO, p. 38)

"Tissue Box" Touch release

(2nd edition p. 44 of SATP, Prep level, AIO p. 8 1B)

"Woodpecker" Touch release

(2nd edition p. 23, Grade 1A; AIO 1A p. 20)

Erie Canal

(AIO Book 2B, p. 30)… another example of the "Woodpecker" touch release

Camel Ride - "The Push Off" Touch Release

(2nd edition 1A, p. 32)

The Unicycle

(2nd edition 2A, p. 17; AIO 2A, p. 18)

The Pet Store

(2nd edition 1B, p. 10; AIO 1B, p. 10)


(2nd edition, 2B, p. 32; AIO Book 2C, p. 8)

Wood Nymphs - "The Kick Off"– Touch release

(2nd edition 2B, p. 18, AIO 2B, p. 40)

Wild Mustangs

(2nd edition 2B, Recital book, p. 6; AIO 2B, p. 44)