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Robert Schultz, composer, arranger, and editor, has achieved international fame during his career in the music publishing industry. The Schultz Piano Library, established in 1980, has included more than 500 publications of classical works, popular arrangements, and Schultz’s original compositions in editions for pianists of every level from the beginner through the concert artist. In addition to his extensive library of published works, Schultz’s output includes original orchestral works, chamber music, works for solo instruments, and vocal music. He currently devotes his full time to composing and arranging, writing from his studio in Miami, Florida.

Schultz has presented his published editions at workshops, clinics, and convention showcases throughout the United States and Canada. He is frequently engaged as an adjudicator for piano competitions and composition contents. Schultz is a long-standing member of ASCAP, has served as president of the Miami Music Teachers Association, and is an active member of numerous other professional music organizations. Schultz’s original piano compositions and transcriptions are featured on the compact disc recordings Visions of Dunbar and Tina Faigen Plays Piano Transcriptions, released on the ACA Digital label and available worldwide. His published original works for concert artists are noted in Maurice Hinson’s Guide to the Pianist’s Repertoire, Third Edition. Outstanding reviews in The American Music Teacher, Clavier, Piano Quarterly, and numerous other music periodicals reflect the enthusiasm with which his piano works have been received.

Explore Piano Publications by Robert Schultz

7 SketchesIntermediateRobert Schultz Piano LibrarySoloFJH1353
24 ExpressionsIntermediateRobert Schultz Piano LibrarySoloFJH1358
Accelerando, Book 1Pre-ReadingRobert Schultz Piano LibrarySoloFJH1381
Accelerando, Book 2Early ElementaryRobert Schultz Piano LibrarySoloFJH1382
Accelerando, Book 3ElementaryRobert Schultz Piano LibrarySoloFJH1383
Accelerando, Book 4Late ElementaryRobert Schultz Piano LibrarySoloFJH1384
Accelerando, Book 5Early IntermediateRobert Schultz Piano LibrarySoloFJH1385
Accelerando, Book 6IntermediateRobert Schultz Piano LibrarySoloFJH1386
Accelerando, Book 7Late IntermediateRobert Schultz Piano LibrarySoloFJH1387
Encyclopedia of Classical Piano MusicNo LevelRobert Schultz Piano LibraryFJH1392
Jazz and Blues, Book 1Early IntermediateRobert Schultz Piano LibrarySoloFJH1403
Jazz and Blues Book 2IntermediateRobert Schultz Piano LibrarySoloFJH1404
Jazz and Blues Book 3Late IntermediateRobert Schultz Piano LibrarySoloFJH1405
Five-Finger Piano Books: Christmas Carols, TheElementaryRobert Schultz Piano LibrarySoloFJH1495
Five-Finger Piano Books: Classical Themes, TheElementaryRobert Schultz Piano LibrarySoloFJH1496
Five-Finger Piano Books: Traditional Hymns, TheElementaryThe Five-Finger Piano BooksSoloFJH1497
Five-Finger Piano Children's Hymns, TheElementaryThe Five-Finger Piano BooksSoloFJH1498
Five-Finger Piano Books: Folk Songs, TheElementaryRobert Schultz Piano LibrarySoloFJH1499
Playing Piano with Three Chords, ChristmasLate ElementaryRobert Schultz Piano LibrarySoloFJH2314
Playing Piano with Three Chords, Folk SongsLate ElementaryRobert Schultz Piano LibrarySoloFJH2305
Outdoor Suite, Op. 54Early IntermediateRobert Schultz Piano LibrarySoloFJH2347