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Elizabeth W. Greenleaf

Elizabeth W. Greenleaf

Elizabeth W. Greenleaf received a Piano Teaching Certificate and a Bachelor of Music degree in composition from Florida State University, and a Master of Music degree in piano performance from Louisiana State University. Greenleaf has been active as a composer, performer, and teacher for over twenty-five years. She has performed many recitals, both as an accompanist for instrumentalists and singers, and as a chamber music player. Her students have ranged from preschoolers to senior citizens, and she has taught at all levels from beginning to advanced. Recently retired from teaching, Greenleaf enjoys composing to meet the needs of students. Her music has received high praise from top teachers throughout the country. She lives in Auburn, Alabama with her husband and two sons.

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Little Mother Goose, AElementaryComposers In FocusSoloFJH1062
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Sounds Around Me, Book 2ElementaryComposers In FocusSoloFJH1131
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Hip, Hip, Hooray! I Can Play!Early ElementaryComposers In FocusSoloFJH1268
My World in Motion, Book 1Early ElementaryComposers In FocusSoloFJH1291
My World in Motion, Book 2ElementaryComposers In FocusSoloFJH1306
My PachydermEarly ElementaryWritten For YouSoloW9385
Sailing the Ocean BlueEarly ElementaryWritten For YouSoloW9372
Winter PlayEarly ElementaryWritten For YouSoloW9363
Prelude in D MinorLate ElementaryWritten For YouSoloW9348
Mischievous MonkeysLate ElementaryWritten For YouSoloW9336
Waltz in A MinorIntermediateWritten For YouSoloW9325
Cheerful ChimesEarly ElementaryWritten For YouSoloW9323
Enchanted Forest, ThePre-ReadingWritten For YouSoloW9247
Little PreludeEarly IntermediateWritten For YouSoloW9246
Runaway Pumpkin, TheElementaryWritten For YouSoloW9245
Messy Day, AElementaryWritten For YouSoloW9244
Hippo and the Rhino, TheElementaryWritten For YouSoloW9243
Cat on the ProwlEarly IntermediateWritten For YouSoloW9242
Jumping Bean, TheLate ElementaryWritten For YouSoloW9232
Song of the EchoElementaryWritten For YouSoloW9231
My Favorite PetsLate ElementaryWritten For YouSoloW9230
Little Robot, TheLate ElementaryWritten For YouSoloW9229
Shooting StarsElementaryWritten For YouSoloW9215
Worst Ghost, TheElementaryWritten For YouSoloW9180
Halloween Comes Once a YearElementaryWritten For YouSoloW9183
Sonatina for the WiregrassEarly IntermediateWritten For YouSoloW9207
Candy CornerEarly ElementaryWritten For YouSoloW9121
Traffic Jam BluesLate ElementaryWritten For YouSoloW9123
Greedy GoblinsElementaryWritten For YouSoloW9126
Look at the WitchesEarly ElementaryWritten For YouSoloW9137
Playing in the ParkEarly ElementaryWritten For YouSoloW9142
Silly Struttin'ElementaryWritten For YouSoloW9155
Fountain, TheIntermediateWritten For YouSoloW9156
Tick-Tock Clock, TheElementaryWritten For YouSoloW9168
Chihuahua Cha-ChaElementaryWritten For YouSoloW9088
Dreaming by a Quiet SeaElementaryWritten For YouSoloW9089
New Orleans NocturneIntermediateWritten For YouSoloW9095
Leapfrog BoogieElementaryWritten For YouSoloW9100
Raindrops in the Garden PoolEarly IntermediateWritten For YouSoloW9113
Locomotive BoogieElementarySpotlight Solo SheetsSoloS4058
Bullfrog's Song, TheEarly ElementarySpotlight Solo SheetsSoloS4084
Flight of the WitchesEarly IntermediateSpotlight Solo SheetsSoloS4015
Spooky Halloween, AElementarySpotlight Solo SheetsSoloS4016
Great Bike Race, TheElementarySpotlight Solo SheetsSoloS4017
Squeaky SneakersElementarySpotlight Solo SheetsSoloS4018
Parade of the AntsEarly ElementarySpotlight Solo SheetsSoloS4019
Football Game, TheElementarySpotlight Solo SheetsSoloS4024
Bird's-Eye View, AElementaryComposers In FocusSoloFJH1364
Animals Around UsEarly ElementaryComposers In FocusSoloFJH2097