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Piano Music by Wynn-Anne Rossi

Crystal LakeLate ElementaryThe FJH Piano Ensemble SeriesDuet (Four Hands/One Piano)E1010
Tag, You're It!ElementaryThe FJH Piano Ensemble SeriesDuet (Four Hands/One Piano)E1021
Rock, Scissors, PaperElementaryThe FJH Piano Ensemble SeriesDuet (Four Hands/One Piano)E1022
Rock TalkLate IntermediateThe FJH Piano Ensemble SeriesDuet (Four Hands/One Piano)E1056
Trip Through the Rainforest, AIntermediateComposers In FocusSoloFJH1057
Fun and Games, Book 1ElementaryFun and GamesSoloFJH1061
Day in the Life of a Cat, ALate ElementaryComposers In FocusSoloFJH1063
Alaskan Tour, AnLate IntermediateComposers In FocusSoloFJH1143
Once There Was a BoyLate ElementaryComposers In FocusSoloFJH1165
Once There Was a GirlLate ElementaryComposers In FocusSoloFJH1177
Day in the Life of a Dog, AEarly IntermediateComposers In FocusSoloFJH1183
Treasures in Technique, Book 1 - Basic Technical SkillsElementaryThe FJH Piano Teaching LibrarySoloFJH1219
Fun and Games, Book 2ElementaryFun and GamesSoloFJH1221
Fun and Games for ChristmasLate ElementaryFun and GamesSoloFJH1269
Surprising Solos, Book 1ElementaryComposers In FocusSoloFJH1295
Surprising Solos, Book 2Late ElementaryComposers In FocusSoloFJH1296
Three Christmas NocturnesLate IntermediateArranged For YouSoloYA9004
Old Man Oak TreeLate ElementaryWritten For YouSoloW9273
MetamorphosisIntermediateWritten For YouSoloW9271
One Inch TallerLate ElementaryWritten For YouSoloW9141
Eat My Vegetables!ElementaryWritten For YouSoloW9144
Wind ChimesIntermediateWritten For YouSoloW9146
Star SailingEarly AdvancedWritten For YouSoloW9157
Shadow PaintingsLate ElementaryWritten For YouSoloW9159
Quartal ScherzoIntermediateWritten For YouSoloW9161
Build a Blanket HouseElementaryWritten For YouSoloW9057
Memories of MidnightIntermediateWritten For YouSoloW9058
Nuts and BoltsLate ElementaryWritten For YouSoloW9059
Diamonds on the WaterLate IntermediateWritten For YouSoloW9063
Monster PlayElementarySpotlight Duet SheetsDuet (Four Hands/One Piano)SD7001
Harvest Hoedown Late ElementarySpotlight Duet SheetsDuet (Four Hands/One Piano)SD7002
Transylvania TrainrideIntermediateSpotlight Duet SheetsDuet (Four Hands/One Piano)SD7003
Wild Columbine WaltzIntermediateSpotlight Solo SheetsSoloS4046
Olympic FanfareIntermediateSpotlight Solo SheetsSoloS4002
GhostriderIntermediateSpotlight Solo SheetsSoloS4023
Intuitive JourneysLate IntermediateThe FJH Contemporary Keyboard EditionsSoloJ1016
Pedal Technique, Volume OneLate ElementaryThe FJH Piano Teaching LibrarySoloFJH1361
Pedal Technique, Volume TwoEarly IntermediateThe FJH Piano Teaching LibrarySoloFJH1691
Dancing Through Musical ErasEarly IntermediateFJH Originals SeriesSoloS4178