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Get Ready for One-Octave Scale Duets!

Wynn-Anne Rossi / Lucy Warren

The importance of the technical and intellectual proficiency of scales is a key element for a student's overall musical success. Scale practice is often avoided because it is considered tedious and boring. Get Ready for One-Octave Scale Duets! tackles this problem by pairing each major and minor scale with a tuneful teacher duet that motivates students to prepare their scale assignments. Also included in this book are music games for review, practice flashcards to keep scale practice fresh, and a One-Octave Scale Expert certificate.

Series: Get Ready Duet Books Level: Early Intermediate
Arranger:  Voicing: Duet (Four Hands/One Piano)
Instrument: Piano Format: Books
Editor:  Subject: Teaching Library
ISBN-13: 978-1-56939-620-9 Barcode: 674398221363
Soft Shoe in C
Soft Shoe in Am
Jitterbug in G
Jitterbug in Em
New York Taxi in D
New York Taxi in Bm
Rock Out in A
Rock Out in F#m
Lazy Blues in E
Lazy Blues in C#m
Boogie-Woogie in B
Boogie-Woogie in G#m
Cruisin' in F
Cruisin' in Dm
Brassy Beat in Bb
Brassy Beat in Gm
Heart or Soul in Eb
Heart or Soul in Cm
Latin Sounds in Ab
Latin Sounds in Fm
Miami Moon in Db
Miami Moon in Bbm
Chillin' in Gb
Chillin' in Ebm 
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