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Etudes with Technique, Book 1

Various / edited by Helen Marlais with Suzanne Torkelson

This series is designed to develop healthy, natural, and effective technique. Each book is divided into units, and each unit focuses on one technical concept utilizing imagery to help students understand the gesture needed to produce the correct technique. Students get the opportunity to play the technique using two short technical exercises followed by several etudes to reinforce each concept. This approach allows students to concentrate on one technique at a time, promoting mastery of specific techniques and helping students make these technical skills a habit in their playing. Contains information about each etude and the composers.

Series: Succeeding with the Masters / Festival Collection Level: Elementary
Arranger:  Voicing: Solo
Instrument: Piano Format: Books
Editor: Helen Marlais with Suzanne Torkelson Subject: Technique Books
ISBN-13: 978-1-56939-759-6 Barcode: 674398225255
Etude (Op. 101, No. 5 15)
Etude (Op. 70, No. 10)
Woodland Elves
Etude (Op. 823, No. 12)
The Great Gate of Kazan
Etude (Op. 82, No. 19)
Allegro, from 24 Short and Easy Pieces, Op. 1
Etude, from 24 Five-Finger Exercises, Op. 777, No. 3)
Stop at Nothing
Etude (Op. 823, No. 11)
Etude (Op. 101, No. 39)
Etude (Op. 190, No. 16)
Ice Crystals
Etude (Op. 190, No. 22)
Etude, (Op. 117, No. 10)
Der Dudelsack (Op. 95, No. 1)
Canon No. 15, from 200 Canons, Op. 14
Study in Contrary Motion
Etude (Op. 82, No. 17)
Etude (Op. 101, No. 18)
Etude (Op. 101, Nos. 70 and 71)
This Great Land
Etude (Op. 823, No. 18)
Prayer (Op. 107, No. 3)
Song of the Mountain