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Etudes with Technique, Book 2

Various / edited by Helen Marlais with Suzanne Torkelson

Book 2 continues towards the development of a healthy, natural, and effective technique. Reinforcing concepts such as: five-finger patterns; staccato; two-part counterpoint; and then introducing new concepts such as: three-note slurs; blocked and broken intervals; and playing chords and inversions, will hone students' technical abilities with a focused and organized approach. Each book is divided into units, and each unit focuses on one technical concept utilizing imagery to help students understand the gesture needed to produce the correct technique.

Series: Succeeding with the Masters / Festival Collection Level: Late Elementary
Arranger:  Voicing: Solo
Instrument: Piano Format: Books
Editor: Helen Marlais with Suzanne Torkelson Subject: Technique Books
ISBN-13: 978-1-56939-760-2 Barcode: 674398225262
Etude (Op. 70, No. 9)
Etude, from First Term at the Piano, No. 5)
Etude (Op. 70, No. 8)
Etude (Op. 17, No. 5)
Etude (Op. 13, No. 3)
Etude (Op. 190, No. 31)
Round Dance, from First Term at the Piano, No. 6
A Porcupine Dance (Op. 89, No. 8)
Etude (Op. 599, Nos. 7 and 9)
Etude (Op. 82, No. 44)
The Good Child (Op. 177, No. 19)
Etude (Op. 70, No. 38)
Blast Off
Two Studies (Op. 101, Nos. 53 and 54)
Etude (Op. 166, No. 6)
In the Distance
Etude, from The Flower Basket, Opus 308
Etude (Op. 82, No. 55)
The Young Mustangs
In the Church (Op. 210, No. 19)
Etude (Op. 190, No. 33)
Etude (Op. 82, No. 43)
Etude (Op. 166, No. 13)
A Toad Went a Jumpin’
Etude (Op. 108, No. 12)
Pussy cat, pussy cat, from Piano Pieces for Children, No. 25
Crystal Mountain Falls
Etude (Op. 82, No. 36)
Etude (Op. 823, No. 14)
Cops and Robbers, from Piano Pieces for Children, No. 23
On the Green (Op. 63, No. 3)
Catch Me, from The First Lessons, Op. 177, No. 21
Study in Imitation (Op. 101, No. 60)
Pendragon Castle
Two Canons (Nos. 38 and 40)