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Etudes with Technique, Book 4

Various / edited by Helen Marlais with Suzanne Torkelson

This 56-page book presents new techniques and expands on previous ones such as Five Finger Patterns and Extensions, Scale Preparation and Octave Scales, Slurs and Phrasing, Broken Chords and Alberti Bass, Double Notes, and Repeated Notes. Most of the 33 etudes, written by composers from Baroque to Contemporary periods, are one page in length with suggestions as to what to listen for or how to use your hands/arms. Includes an easy-to-use thematic index and informative short bios on each composer.

Series: Succeeding with the Masters / Festival Collection Level: Intermediate
Arranger:  Voicing: Solo
Instrument: Piano Format: Books
Editor: Helen Marlais with Suzanne Torkelson Subject: Technique Books
ISBN-13: 978-1-56939-021-2 Barcode: 
Etude (Opus 17, No. 2)
Running Late
Tag from Children’s Pieces, No. 8
Etude (Opus 38, No. 19)
Etude (Opus 300, No. 75)
Christmas Bells (Opus 210, No. 25)
The Return (Opus 117, No. 24)
Etude No. 21 from One Hundred Recreations
Wind Master
Etude (Opus 82, No. 34)
Etude (Opus 117, No. 12)
Etude in C, Study in Scales
Etude (Opus 44, No. 8)
Etude (Opus 101, No. 82)
Etude (Opus 70, No. 33)
Etude (Opus 166, No. 2)
Etude (Opus 108, No. 5)
Caribbean Sun
Etude No. 4, from The Pianist’s First Music Making
Etude No. 5, from The Pianist’s First Music Making
Etude (Opus 108, No. 8)
Etude (Opus 100, No. 23, Impatience
Etude, No. 58 from Piano Method
Minuet, No. 11 from First Term at the Piano
Etude (Opus 139, No. 7)
For Practicing Thirds and Sixths
Etude (Opus 108, No. 90)
Etude (Opus 101, No. 90)
Ringeltanz (Opus 74, No. 17)
Etude in D Minor