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Energize Your Fingers Everyday, Book 4A

Helen Marlais and Timothy Brown

A continuation of the Energize Your Fingers Every Day® series used to develop correct technique from the very beginning! Students develop healthy, tension-free technique through sets of short exercises to be mastered weekly. In level 4A, good posture, arm weight, listening, flexible wrists and strong fingers are emphasized. Exercises utilize free arm movements, two-note slurs, rotation, and balance between the hands. Over 45 original pieces composed by Timothy Brown and pedagogical information by Helen Marlais.

Series: Energize Your Fingers Every Day Level: Elementary
Arranger:  Voicing: Solo
Instrument: Piano Format: Books
ISBN-13: 978-1-61928-357-2 Barcode: 241444441558
Nine Techniques in Piano Playing
Eating a Good Breakfast
Drinking Juice
Packing Our Lunch
Getting on the Bus
Getting off the Bus
My Favorite Teacher
It’s Time to Focus
Waltz for My Little Brother
The Silver Trumpet
My Little Sister
Spring Day
Rise and Shine
Like a Jack Rabbit
Blowing Out the Candle
Through the Darkness
Climbing the Rocks
A Mini Minuet
Wombat Falling Asleep
Wombat Waking Up
Two Macaws
On a Sailboat
Learning to Write in Cursive
Just Can’t Decide
Over and Under
Icicles on the Roof
Gazing at Sunflowers
Floating on a Raft
Close to the Ground
Italian Tarantella
Steam Engine
Walking Along
Moving Wood for a Beaver Dam
Quiet Moon
The Final Curtain Call
The White Filly
The Black Stallion
The Silver Flute
Don’t Look Now
Morning Dew
The Horse Race
Running Rhino
Prickly Porcupine
Two Prickly Porcupines
A Lovable Elephant
Surfing the Waves
Trail Ride
Never Give Up
Quiet Thoughts  
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