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Recital Book - Grade 3

Table of Contents

Page  02Echoes from Atlantis
Page  04I's the B'y That Builds the Boat
Page  06Italian Tarantella
Page  08The Spirit Bear
Page  10A Sunny Day
Page  12Gospel Choir
Page  14Rondoletto
Page  16A Theme by Haydn
Page  18The Marine's Hymn
Page  2-5Tutorial
Page  20Alberti's Music Box
Page  22Whispers in the Wind
Page  24Jazz Train
Page  26The Entertainer
Page  28Blue Tango
Page  30Sonatina - I The Great Wall
Page  31Sonatina - II Scholar's Garden
Page  32Sonatina - III Wise Ancestors
Page  34Jubilation
Page  4-5Tutorial
Page  4-9Tutorial