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The All-In-One Approach - Preparatory Book A

Table of Contents

Page  04Sitting at the Piano
Page  05Perfect Piano Hands
Page  06The Piano March
Page  07The Keyboard
Page  08Hiking Up
Page  09Hiking Down
Page  10Keeping the Beat
Page  11Theory
Page  12Happy Days
Page  13Yapping Puppy
Page  14Little Cotton Tails
Page  15Popping Popcorn, Time to Compose, & Jolly Old St. Nicholas
Page  16Tapping Feet
Page  17Kitten in a Tree
Page  19Melodies
Page  20The Musical Alphabet
Page  21Graceful Bird
Page  22Eating Ice Cream
Page  23The Orchestra
Page  24The FGAB Song
Page  25The Wishing Well
Page  26Finding the White Keys
Page  28Mary Had a Little Lamb
Page  30Chugging Trains
Page  31Yellow Spaceship
Page  32Ice Cream Truck
Page  34The Grand Staff
Page  35The Middle C High Step
Page  36A Rainbow & Moonlight
Page  37Moonlight
Page  38Drip-Drop-Roll
Page  39Guide Notes