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The All-In-One Approach - Book 1A

Table of Contents

Page  01Distance and Height at the Piano
Page  03Goldfish
Page  07Listen to C Position
Page  08Every day Fun
Page  10Jack be Nimble, Jack be Quick & Play Date
Page  11Our Mouse
Page  12Maracas
Page  13Clouds
Page  14Coo Coo Crazy
Page  16To The Zoo
Page  17Smoke Signals on the Bluff
Page  19White Swan at Sunset
Page  20Dancing Raindrops
Page  21Listen to My Story Now
Page  23The Haunted House
Page  24Let's Listen
Page  25Minuet
Page  26Intervals
Page  27Evening Mist
Page  28Reviewing Notes and Intervals
Page  29My Favorite Colors
Page  30Knights so Brave
Page  32Canoe on the Lake
Page  34The Brass Gong
Page  35The Bugler & Time to Get Up
Page  36Rocket Ship
Page  37Hey, Little Woodpecker
Page  39Rockin' 'n Rollin'
Page  41Steady Like a Clock & Saying Good-Bye
Page  42Hide and Seek
Page  44Chopsticks
Page  46Riding Free