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The All-In-One Approach - Book 2B

Table of Contents

Page  04Riding on my skateboard
Page  07Piano and Gymnastics
Page  08C Major and C Minor
Page  10Rock out the Show
Page  12Major and minor sounds
Page  13G Major and G Minor
Page  14The Carillon
Page  15Ensemble Practice
Page  16Sonatina of the City
Page  18Old King Cole
Page  19Strumming a Tune
Page  20Coney Island Hot Dog
Page  23Secret Agents
Page  24Caught a Fish Alive
Page  25Gliding like a Swan
Page  26The Golden Pavilion
Page  29Let's Move!
Page  30The Erie Canal
Page  31Lavender's Blue
Page  32Theory and Ear Training
Page  33Jump, Shout, Dance!
Page  34Castle in The Mist
Page  36Billy Cat's Blues
Page  37Happy Birthday to You
Page  38Hide and Seek
Page  39Honest Abe (German Folk Song)
Page  40Wood Nymphs
Page  44Wild Mustangs
Page  46Finger Crossings
Page  47I Love the Spring
Page  48Breakdown Boogie
Page  50The C major scale and tonic and dominant chords
Page  52When the Saints go Marching In
Page  54Lightly Row
Page  55On the Cable Car
Page  56Brave Amelia
Page  58G major scale and chords
Page  60The Snowflake Ball
Page  61Happy Prelude
Page  63Beethoven's Dreams
Page  64Hang Gliding
Page  8-9Bushy Little Fox Tail