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Recital Book - Preparatory (2nd edition)

Table of Contents

Page  03Little Duck
Page  04Marching
Page  05Posing for Pictures
Page  06Big Bullfrogs
Page  07A Lion!
Page  08Fish in the Sea
Page  09The Wishing Well
Page  10At the Seashore
Page  11Three Black Cats
Page  12Taking a Hike
Page  13The Sleeping Dragon
Page  14Watching the Clock
Page  15Two-Note March
Page  16Poor Dog Named Bright
Page  17Carriage Ride
Page  18Sad Symphony
Page  19It's That Parrot Again
Page  20Stray Dog
Page  21A Fish Tale
Page  22Morning
Page  24Piano Polka
Page  25Blowing Bubbles
Page  26Lofty Mountains
Page  27A Rainy Day
Page  28Deep in the Ocean
Page  29When I Jump Out of Bed