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Lesson and Technique Book - Grade 1B (2nd edition)

Table of Contents

Page  03Andy Aardvark
Page  05G Position and The Bagpiper
Page  06The Singing Violins
Page  07Pete the Porcupine
Page  08Seahorses
Page  10The Pet Store
Page  12Scandinavian Folk Song
Page  13Forward and Back
Page  14Gloomy Days
Page  16Melody by Chopin
Page  18Blues Break
Page  19Desert Caravan
Page  20Hungarian Dance No. 5
Page  23The Can-Can
Page  25Roller Coaster Ride
Page  26Little Waltz
Page  27When I Walked to School Today
Page  29Jamaican Boat Song
Page  30Siberian Tiger
Page  31Purple Toad
Page  32Fearless
Page  33Three Jolly Fishermen
Page  36Waves at the Shore
Page  37Two Penguins
Page  38The Cat’s Tale
Page  39See the Show
Page  40Splish! Splash!
Page  41Traffic Jam
Page  42Big Waves and Snowmen
Page  43Trumpet Tune
Page  44I Want to Be a Spy
Page  46Energize Your Fingers