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The FJH Piano Teaching Library

C is for ChristmasVariousGreenleaf, Elizabeth W.ElementarySoloFJH1072
Celebrating Christmas Around the WorldVariousGutierrez, ElizabethElementarySoloFJH1074
Quiet Christmas, AVariousMcLean, EdwinIntermediateSoloFJH1122
Step, Skip and Repeat, Book 1 - Basic Patterns for Note ReadingCovello, StephenEarly ElementarySoloFJH1128
FJH Classic Scale Book, TheMcArthur & McLeanNo LevelSoloFJH1132
Catholic Hymns for the Young Pianist, Book1VariousMassoud & MassoudEarly ElementarySoloFJH1136
Piano for Two, Book 1VariousMatz, CarolEarly ElementaryDuet (Four Hands/One Piano)FJH1145
Piano for Two, Book 2VariousMatz, CarolElementaryDuet (Four Hands/One Piano)FJH1146
Piano for Two, Book 3VariousMatz, CarolLate ElementaryDuet (Four Hands/One Piano)FJH1147
Glory, GloryTraditionalPoe, John RobertLate ElementarySoloFJH1148
FJH Classic Music Dictionary (4th Edition), TheMcLean, EdwinNo LevelFJH1149
Together at the Piano, Book 1VariousMcLean, EdwinEarly ElementaryDuet (Four Hands/One Piano)FJH1151
Piano for Two, Book 4VariousMatz, CarolEarly IntermediateDuet (Four Hands/One Piano)FJH1152
Together at the Piano, Book 2VariousMcLean, EdwinElementaryDuet (Four Hands/One Piano)FJH1157
Piano for Two, Book 5VariousMatz, CarolIntermediateDuet (Four Hands/One Piano)FJH1158
FJH Classic Note Speller, Book 1, TheMatz, CarolNo LevelFJH1159
Piano for Two, Book 6VariousMatz, CarolLate IntermediateDuet (Four Hands/One Piano)FJH1163
Flights of FancyPoe, John RobertElementarySoloFJH1164
World of Folk Songs, Book 1, ATraditionalGalindo, VictorEarly ElementarySoloFJH1166
Together at the Piano, Book 3VariousMcLean, EdwinLate ElementaryDuet (Four Hands/One Piano)FJH1174
Step, Skip and Repeat, Book 2 - Basic Patterns for Note ReadingCovello, StephenElementarySoloFJH1178
FJH Classic Note Speller, Book 2, TheMatz, CarolLate ElementaryFJH1185
Together at the Piano, Book 4VariousMcLean, EdwinEarly IntermediateDuet (Four Hands/One Piano)FJH1189
Memories of ChristmasTraditionalBrown, TimothyIntermediateSoloFJH1193
Christmas Near and FarTraditionalPoe, John RobertLate ElementarySoloFJH1196
Christmas Encores, Book 1TraditionalBober, MelodyIntermediateSoloFJH1197
Best of Scott Joplin, TheJoplin, ScottIntermediateSoloFJH1199
Folk FantasiesTraditionalBober, MelodyLate IntermediateSoloFJH1203
It's Christmas AgainTraditionalCostley, KevinIntermediateSoloFJH1204
Treasures in Technique, Book 1 - Basic Technical SkillsRossi, Wynn-AnneWarren, Lucy W.ElementarySoloFJH1219
World of Cowboy Favorites, ATraditionalGalindo, VictorEarly ElementarySoloFJH1220
Puccini: Three Operatics AriasPuccini, GiacomoMcLean, EdwinLate IntermediateSoloFJH1238
Christmas Encores, Book 2TraditionalBober, MelodyIntermediateSoloFJH1239
Together at the Piano, Book 5VariousMcLean, EdwinIntermediateDuet (Four Hands/One Piano)FJH1245
Treasures in Technique, Book 2 - Lessons in Technical CoordinationRossi & WarrenLate ElementaryFJH1246
Christmas in the AirTraditionalCostley, KevinIntermediateSoloFJH1265
FJH First Scale Book, TheMcArthur & McLeanElementaryFJH1266
On the Other Hand...Poe, John RobertElementarySoloFJH1267
Jazzed Up! ChristmasTraditionalLate IntermediateSoloFJH1270
Christmas Encores for Two, Book 1TraditionalBober, MelodyIntermediateDuet (Four Hands/One Piano)FJH1273
Treasures in Technique, Book 3 - Lessons in Finger Strength and IndependenceRossi & WarrenEarly IntermediateSoloFJH1274
Jazzed Up! Folk SongsOlson, KevinLate IntermediateSoloFJH1293
FJH Studio Organizer, ThePeterson-Heil & InabinetNo LevelFJH1294
World of Folk Songs, Book 2, ATraditionalGalindo, VictorElementarySoloFJH1301
Flash Cards for Every Day, Level 1Marlais, HelenNo LevelFJH2191
Treasures in Technique, Book 4 - Speed and PositioningRossi & WarrenEarly IntermediateSoloFJH1325
Patriotic Celebration, Book 1, AVariousBober, MelodyElementarySoloFJH1329
Patriotic Celebration, Book 2, AVariousBober, MelodyEarly IntermediateSoloFJH1335
Keys to Success, Book 1Olson, KevinNo LevelFJH1338
Keys to Success, Book 2Olson, KevinNo LevelFJH1339
From Hanon to JazzKonowitz, BertIntermediateSoloFJH1348
Jazzed Up! ClassicsVariousOlson, KevinEarly IntermediateSoloFJH1351
Pedal Technique, Volume OneRossi, Wynn-AnneLate ElementarySoloFJH1361
Christmas Celebration, ABober, MelodyIntermediateSoloFJH1365
Five-Finger Photographs in Black and WhiteOlson, KevinPre-ReadingSoloFJH1413
Treasures in Technique, Primer Level - Introduction to TechniqueRossi & WarrenPreparatorySoloFJH1417
Music by Me, Book 1Olson & RossiElementarySoloFJH1422
Patriotic Celebration, Book 3, AVariousBober, MelodyLate IntermediateSoloFJH1425
FJH Keyboard Chord Encyclopedia, TheMcLean, EdwinNo LevelFJH1434
Music by Me, Book 2Olson & RossiLate ElementaryFJH1486
Music by Me, Book 3Olson & RossiEarly IntermediateSoloFJH1488
Keys to Success, Book 3Olson, KevinNo LevelSoloFJH1563
Performance Jams, Book 1Olson, KevinElementarySoloFJH1672
Performance Jams, Book 2Olson, KevinLate ElementarySoloFJH1673
Music by Me, Book 4Olson & RossiEarly IntermediateSoloFJH1685
Jewish Festival and Folk Songs, Book 1TraditionalKarp & KarpEarly ElementarySoloFJH1688
Music by Me, Book 5Olson & RossiIntermediateSoloFJH1690
Pedal Technique, Volume TwoRossi, Wynn-AnneEarly IntermediateSoloFJH1691
Jewish Festival and Folk Songs, Book 2TraditionalKarp & KarpElementarySoloFJH1734
Jewish Festival and Folk Songs, Book 3TraditionalKarp & KarpLate ElementarySoloFJH2022
FJH Classic Keyboard Chart, TheMcLean, EdwinNo LevelFJH2033
Pets Will Play... When the Family's AwayLau, NancyLate ElementarySoloFJH2139
Celebrate America!VariousBrooks-Turner, MyraIntermediateSoloFJH2133
Celebrate the SeasonCostley, KevinLate ElementarySoloFJH2132
Winter Collection, TheVariousBrown, TimothyIntermediateSoloFJH2312
Timeless Piano ClassicsVariousMcLean, EdwinIntermediateSoloFJH2083
Advanced Jazzed Up! ChristmasVariousOlson, KevinAdvancedSoloFJH2090
Gifts of AsiaLin, EmilieLate ElementarySoloFJH2091
Nutcracker Suite, Opus 71a, TheTchaikovsky, Pyotr I.McLean, EdwinIntermediateSoloFJH2255
Child is Born, AVariousCostley, KevinIntermediateSoloFJH2263
Fractured Folk SongsRoubos, Valerie RothElementarySoloFJH2198
Jewish Festival and Folk Songs, Book 4TraditionalKarp & KarpIntermediateSoloFJH2210
Christmas Gems, Book 1VariousLau, NancyLate ElementarySoloFJH2253
Quick ClassicsVariousMcLean, EdwinLate ElementarySoloFJH2299
FJH Second Scale Book, TheMcLean & GallagherNo LevelSoloFJH2297
Christmas Gems, Book 2Lau, NancyIntermediateSoloFJH2355
Christmas Trios, Book 1VariousMcKibben, Tracey CraigLate ElementaryTrio (Six Hands/One Piano)FJH2375
On This Christmas DayVariousBrown, TimothyIntermediateSoloFJH2358