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Mary Leaf

Mary Leaf

Mary Leaf received her undergraduate degree in music education from the University of Washington, with continuing education in pedagogy from North Dakota State University. She is a member of NDMTA, MTNA, the National Federation of Music Clubs, the National Guild of Piano Teachers, and ASCAP. She is active in the Bismarck-Mandan Music Teachers Association and in the Bismarck area as a collaborative pianist and accompanist.

Originally from Minnesota, Mary and her husband, Ron Schneider, now live in Bismarck, North Dakota. They have five grown children, and ten grandchildren. They enjoy reading, jigsaw puzzles, and traveling and hiking together.

Mary recently retired from active teaching, and enjoys more time for composing. She has been an exclusive writer for The FJH Music Company Inc. since 1999.

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Along the Blackfoot RiverElementaryThe FJH Piano Ensemble SeriesDuet (Four Hands/One Piano)E1043
SoaringIntermediateThe FJH Piano Ensemble SeriesDuet (Four Hands/One Piano)E1058
My Irish ButterflyEarly IntermediateThe FJH Piano Ensemble SeriesDuet (Four Hands/One Piano)E1086
Two to Play, Book 3 Late ElementaryComposers In FocusDuet (Four Hands/One Piano)FJH2149
Going BuggyEarly ElementaryComposers In FocusSoloFJH1310
Deep RiverLate IntermediateArranged For YouSoloYA9010
Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless ChildAdvancedArranged For YouSoloYA9009
Waves in the MoonlightLate IntermediateWritten For YouSoloW9410
Morning SunshinePre-ReadingWritten For YouSoloW9399
Rain on the LakeIntermediateWritten For YouSoloW9398
Dance of the Wee FolkEarly ElementaryWritten For YouSoloW9397
StarlightIntermediateWritten For YouSoloW9396
Enchanted Wood, TheLate IntermediateWritten For YouSoloW9395
Hungry Lion, TheLate ElementaryWritten For YouSoloW9394
Ice Skating PondEarly ElementaryWritten For YouSoloW9393
IntermezzoEarly IntermediateWritten For YouSoloW9383
Our SnowfortEarly ElementaryWritten For YouSoloW9382
Agent in DisguiseLate ElementaryWritten For YouSoloW9375
Cat in a Halloween Hat, TheEarly ElementaryWritten For YouSoloW9370
Wizard FantasyLate IntermediateWritten For YouSoloW9367
Lyric RhapsodyLate IntermediateWritten For YouSoloW9366
Dreams from the IslesLate IntermediateWritten For YouSoloW9365
My Carousel HorseElementaryWritten For YouSoloW9364
Johann the CatElementaryWritten For YouSoloW9360
Little Red Caboose, TheLate ElementaryWritten For YouSoloW9354
Woolly Mammoth, TheEarly ElementaryWritten For YouSoloW9347
Zoo on SaturdayEarly ElementaryWritten For YouSoloW9339
Pixie PranksElementaryWritten For YouSoloW9321
Flight of the Mourning DoveLate IntermediateWritten For YouSoloW9317
Lullaby for WillowLate IntermediateWritten For YouSoloW9315
Starting OutIntermediateWritten For YouSoloW9314
Fantasy in A MinorIntermediateWritten For YouSoloW9313
Softly Falling SnowIntermediateWritten For YouSoloW9312
Celebration at Dunvegan CastleEarly IntermediateWritten For YouSoloW9308
Prowling in the MoonlightIntermediateWritten For YouSoloW9307
Wagons on the PlainsLate ElementaryWritten For YouSoloW9306
This Wondrous NightPre-ReadingWritten For YouSoloW9293
Above the StarsLate IntermediateWritten For YouSoloW9292
Danza de la Tierra BuenaLate IntermediateWritten For YouSoloW9288
Pipes of Lochnager, TheEarly IntermediateWritten For YouSoloW9287
Witches on BroomsticksPre-ReadingWritten For YouSoloW9286
Halloween is Coming SoonPre-ReadingWritten For YouSoloW9285
Serenidad Late IntermediateWritten For YouOne HandW9280
On the Trail of BuffaloPre-ReadingWritten For YouSoloW9269
Serenata de SieroIntermediateWritten For YouSoloW9265
Twilight BellsPre-ReadingWritten For YouSoloW9261
Laird of Lothian, TheIntermediateWritten For YouSoloW9259
Legend of Arundel, TheIntermediateWritten For YouSoloW9258
Sailing the Coral SeaEarly IntermediateWritten For YouSoloW9241
Night SongsPre-ReadingWritten For YouSoloW9186
Beautiful DolphinElementaryWritten For YouSoloW9193
First LightLate ElementaryWritten For YouSoloW9194
Winds of Change, TheIntermediateWritten For YouSoloW9205
Warm Summer RainLate IntermediateWritten For YouSoloW9206
Night FlightIntermediateWritten For YouSoloW9208
Sea VoyageIntermediateWritten For YouSoloW9209
Drifting LeavesEarly IntermediateWritten For YouSoloW9124
Echoes of ScotlandPre-ReadingWritten For YouSoloW9128
Frightful Night, AEarly ElementaryWritten For YouSoloW9129
FantasiaLate IntermediateWritten For YouSoloW9148
It's HalloweenPre-ReadingWritten For YouSoloW9078
Creeping FootstepsEarly ElementaryWritten For YouSoloW9079
Making MischiefLate ElementaryWritten For YouSoloW9080
Snowflakes DancingLate ElementaryWritten For YouSoloW9081
Autumn DaysPre-ReadingWritten For YouSoloW9085
Raindrops on My Window / Sunshine at My DoorPre-ReadingWritten For YouSoloW9114
CanciĆ³n de CataloniaIntermediateWritten For YouSoloW9475
Lyric ScenesLate IntermediateComposers In FocusSoloFJH2193
Day in the Country, APre-ReadingFJH Pre-Reading PianoSoloFJH1341
Kids' Klassics, Volume 1Pre-ReadingFJH Pre-Reading PianoSoloFJH1408
Kids' Klassics, Volume 2Pre-ReadingFJH Pre-Reading PianoSoloFJH1409
Going BuggierElementaryComposers In FocusSoloFJH1561
Day in the Mountains, APre-ReadingFJH Pre-Reading PianoSoloFJH1641
Leaf Collection, Book 1, AElementaryComposers In FocusSoloFJH1713
Dragons Late ElementaryComposer in FocusSoloFJH2378
Leaf Collection, Book 2, ALate ElementaryComposers In FocusSoloFJH2049
Two to Play, Book 2Late ElementaryComposers In FocusSoloFJH2128
Leaf Collection, Book 3, AEarly IntermediateComposers In FocusSoloFJH2094
Two To Play, Book 1Early ElementaryComposers In FocusDuet (Four Hands/One Piano)FJH2110
Halloween Is Here TonightEarly ElementaryWritten For YouSoloW9430
Festival SonatinaEarly IntermediateWritten For YouSoloW9421
On Bird's HillIntermediateThe FJH Piano Ensemble SeriesTrio (Six Hands/One Piano)E1101
I Love HorsesEarly ElementaryWritten For YouSoloW9426
Faerie WingsEarly ElementaryWritten For YouSoloW9427
Wistful WaltzEarly IntermediateWritten For YouSoloW9416
Earth and Sky, Book 1Early ElementaryComposers In FocusSoloFJH2298
Sorcerer's Dream, TheLate IntermediateThe FJH Piano Ensemble SeriesDuet (Four Hands/One Piano)E1108
Two to Play, Book 4Early IntermediateComposers In FocusDuet (Four Hands/One Piano)FJH2220
Sailing the West WindIntermediateThe FJH Piano Ensemble SeriesDuet (Four Hands/One Piano)E1109
Dear Miss Tooth FairyElementaryWritten For YouSoloW9451
Earth and Sky, Book 2ElementaryComposers In FocusSoloFJH2309
There's a Cat in the PantryElementaryWritten For YouSoloW9454
Dancing SkeletonsEarly ElementaryWritten For YouSoloW9459
More Lyric ScenesLate IntermediateComposers In FocusSoloFJH2313
Tennessee RidgeIntermediateThe FJH Piano Ensemble SeriesDuet (Four Hands/One Piano)E1113
Dinosaurs!Late ElementaryComposers In FocusSoloFJH2322
Spooky SpectersEarly IntermediateThe FJH Piano Ensemble SeriesDuet (Four Hands/One Piano)E1118
SpindriftLate IntermediateWritten For YouSoloW9466
Canyons and QuestsEarly IntermediateComposers In FocusSoloFJH2327
Breath of AutumnIntermediateWritten For YouSoloW9467
Snow SwirlsEarly IntermediateThe FJH Piano Ensemble SeriesTrio (Six Hands/One Piano)E1125
Earth and Sky, Book 3Early IntermediateComposers In FocusSoloFJH2330
Enchanted WaltzEarly IntermediateWritten For YouSoloW9474
Dancing ShadowsEarly IntermediateThe FJH Piano Ensemble SeriesTrio (Six Hands/One Piano)E1124
Riding the CanyonEarly IntermediateThe FJH Piano Ensemble SeriesTrio (Six Hands/One Piano)E1127
Best of Mary Leaf, Book 1, TheEarly ElementaryThe Best OfSoloFJH2343
Batter Up! Late ElementaryThe FJH Piano Ensemble SeriesTrio (Six Hands/One Piano)E1126
Earth and Sky, Book 4IntermediateComposers In FocusSoloFJH2331
Shades of WinterEarly IntermediateWritten For YouSoloW9480
Sleep, Little JesusIntermediateArranged For YouSoloYA9018
Moments in Time, Book 1Late IntermediateComposers In FocusSoloFJH2354
Three on the CaseEarly IntermediateFJH Ensemble SeriesTrio (Six Hands/One Piano)E1131