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Lauren Bernofsky

Lauren Bernofsky

Hailed by Lukas Foss as “a master composer,” Lauren Bernofsky has written over a hundred works, including solo, chamber, and choral music, as well as larger-scale works for orchestra, film, musical, opera, and ballet. With performances spanning the world, her music has been described as "a fantastic balance between the emotional and intellectual; technical and lyrical side of 21st Century composition."

She holds a master's degree in composition from the New England Conservatory and a doctorate in composition from Boston University. She has taught as a professor at the Peabody Institute.

Bernofsky has received numerous grants from institutions including The National Foundation for the Advancement of the Arts, The American Music Center, and The American Composers Forum. She has been honored with a Longfellow Chorus Award of Distinction and an Excellence in Composition Award from the Brass Chamber Music Forum. Her compositions have been commissioned by The Del Mar Trio, The Holyoke Civic Symphony, The Litchfield County Children's Choir, The South Shore Conservatory, Sinfonia Calcania of Boston, The Harford Ballet, and Roundabout Opera for Kids.

Her music has been performed across the United States as well as in England, Wales, Canada, Germany, Norway, Iceland, Spain, Korea, New Zealand, Australia, and The Netherlands.

Lauren Bernofsky's music can be heard on the Polarfonia, Emeritus, Music to My Ears, and Albany labels.

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Regal Procession String OrchestraFJH Beginning Strings1ST6029
Cuckoo Clock, The String OrchestraFJH Beginning Strings1ST6052
House of Untold Horrors for Narration and String OrchestraString OrchestraFJH Beginning Strings1ST6192
Red Iguana Rhumba, The String OrchestraFJH String Orchestra3ST6217
Double Trouble String OrchestraFJH Beginning Strings1.5ST6218
Fantasy on "Oh Chanukah" String OrchestraFJH Developing Strings2ST6238
Minor Case of the Birthday Blues, A String OrchestraFJH String Orchestra3.5ST6251
Heart of Fire String OrchestraFJH String Orchestra3ST6273
Twilight Reverie String OrchestraFJH Beginning Strings1.5ST6279
We Wish You a Klezmer Christmas String OrchestraFJH Developing Strings2.5ST6286
Wired String OrchestraFJH String Orchestra3ST6302
Rubber Chicken Soup String OrchestraFJH Beginning Strings1ST6320
Postcard from Mars String OrchestraFJH Developing Strings2.5ST6329
Thing Under The Bed, The String OrchestraFJH String Orchestra3.5-4ST6350
Millipede Madness String OrchestraFJH Beginning Strings1ST6351
Electric Sinfonia String OrchestraFJH Developing Strings2.5ST6362
Raindrop Serenade String OrchestraFJH Beginning Strings1ST6380
Apple Seed in My Banana String OrchestraFJH String Orchestra3ST6408
Electric Sinfonia String OrchestraFJH Developing Strings0.5-2.5ST6454
Australia Suite PianoComposers In FocusLate IntermediateFJH1218
Suite for Brass Quintet Brass QuintetFJH Solo and Ensemble5.0BR2006
Fanfare Brass QuintetFJH Solo and Ensemble2.0BR2008
Musica Solaris Brass QuintetFJH Solo and Ensemble3.0BR2009