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House of Untold Horrors  

for Narration and String Orchestra
Lauren Bernofsky
Grade 1

One of the most interesting and inventive novelty pieces in years! This work uses narrator to tell the horrific yet comical story of Willoughbus Wallaby and his encounter with a ghostly house and its resident kitty. Using a whirlwind of fun, achievable effects (you will be stunned by the incredible sounds your orchestra will be able to make), this piece is ideal for orchestras with some students who are not yet able to use their bow (or in some cases, don’t even know fingerings yet!). In addition, many effects reinforce pedagogical concepts while students have fun. Sure to be one of the highlights of your next program, regardless of what time of year you perform it!

I am not only a composer but a music mom. At the time I wrote this piece, my son, Nicholas, was seven and studying the cello at the Indiana University String Academy. When his teacher Cara Miller asked me to write a piece for the annual cello Halloween

Audio Only:
Item No.
Full Set: ST6192 50.00
Score Only: ST6192S 5.00