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Soon Hee Newbold

Soon Hee Newbold

Soon Hee Newbold began studying piano at age five and violin at age seven. She has won many prestigious competitions and has performed throughout the world in venues such as Carnegie Hall, the Kennedy Center, Wolf Trap, Aspen, and Tanglewood. She received her Bachelor of Music degree from James Madison University, where she studied film scoring, orchestration, and audio production. Upon graduation, Ms. Newbold began working as a professional musician, contractor, and stage manager. She has written and arranged works for albums, recording projects, and various performing ensembles.

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Storm Concert BandFJH Developing Band1.5B1823
Warrior Legacy Full OrchestraOR5008
Pirate's Legend, A Full OrchestraOR5010
American Landscape Full OrchestraOR5012
Alpha and Omega Full OrchestraOR5018
Rockin’ Jammin’ Swingin’ String OrchestraST6018
Celtic Roots String OrchestraST6019
Arabian Dreams String OrchestraST6027
Blue-Fire Fiddler String OrchestraST6028
Dragon Dances String OrchestraST6032
Spirit of the American West String OrchestraST6033
Hiawatha String OrchestraST6038
Odyssey, The String OrchestraST6049
Ships of Ireland String OrchestraST6060
Pirate's Legend, A String OrchestraST6067
Russian Music Box, The String OrchestraST6068
Le froid de l'hiver The Cold of the WinterString OrchestraST6072
Appalachian Hymn String OrchestraST6086
Gypsy Tale, A String OrchestraST6087
Knight's Quest, A String OrchestraST6094
Fantasía española String OrchestraST6095
Rhythm 'n' Blues String OrchestraST6109
Song of the Sea Mariner String OrchestraST6112
Mythos String OrchestraST6114
American Landscape String OrchestraST6117
Egyptian Legacy String OrchestraST6118
Wild Western Frontier, The String OrchestraST6135
Dance of the Samodivi Woodland FairiesString OrchestraST6136
Fire Dance String OrchestraST6137
Hero's Journey, A String OrchestraST6138
Legend of Dark Mountain String OrchestraST6142
Equuleus String OrchestraST6145
Soldier's Hymn, A String OrchestraST6146
Riders in the Night Life of a CowboyString OrchestraST6159
Desert Sands String OrchestraST6160
Honor and Glory String OrchestraST6164
North Star to Freedom In Honor of the Underground RailroadString OrchestraST6170
Perseus String OrchestraST6171
Gaelic Castle String OrchestraST6180
Lion City String OrchestraST6190
Hallelujah Chorus from Messiah String OrchestraST6195
Sleepers Wake Chorale Prelude from Cantata 140String OrchestraST6198
Haunted Carousel, The String OrchestraST6199
Iditarod String OrchestraST6221
Warrior Legacy String OrchestraST6223
Medieval Kings String OrchestraST6224
Rhythms of Africa String OrchestraST6225
Slane Be Thou My VisionString OrchestraST6226
Irish Faire String OrchestraST6252
Country Hoedown String OrchestraST6253
Rock Riffs String OrchestraST6254
Orion and the Scorpion String OrchestraST6283
Calypso Sea String OrchestraST6289
Fan Dance String OrchestraST6290
Mystic Caravan String OrchestraST6294
Viking String OrchestraST6342
Olaf and the Elf Maiden String OrchestraST6357
Storm String OrchestraST6387
Jubilee Fanfare String OrchestraST6393
Celtic Sunrise String OrchestraST6514
Voyager String OrchestraST6515
Invicta String OrchestraST6535
Elementa String OrchestraST6553
Gaelic Castle for adaptable 3-part string ensembleadaptable string orchestraThe ReImagine Initiative1.0ST6520
Viking 4-Part Fully Adaptable with Piano or Guitaradaptable string orchestraThe ReImagine Initiative2.0ST6521
Russian Music Box, The 3-Part Fully Adaptable with Piano or Guitaradaptable string orchestraThe ReImagine Initiative1.0ST6523