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North Star to Freedom  

In Honor of the Underground Railroad
Soon Hee Newbold
Grade 3

Explore the rich and important history of the Underground Railroad in this serious festival work. Opening with a solemn chorale, themes in the cello and bass soon take on the character of traditional spirituals. As the piece moves into a lively allegro section, the music becomes much more dramatic, depicting the excitement, nervousness, and extreme courage displayed by those who were able to escape to freedom. Inspirational!

In honor of the Underground Railroad, North Star to Freedom was commissioned by the 2008 OMEA District 14 Junior High Honor Orchestra in Cincinnati, OH. Slaves in the South followed the North Star to various safe houses and stops to reach the North for t

Audio Only:
Item No.
Full Set: ST6170 50.00
Score Only: ST6170S 5.00