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Jack Wilds (b. 1986) received his B.M. in Music Education from the University of Texas at Austin, where he studied composition with Dr. Donald Grantham. His music has been performed at state educators’ conferences across the country and in international venues including the Midwest Clinic, the International Trombone Festival, and the Slider Asia Clinic in Hong Kong. His works for concert band have been selected to the J.W. Pepper Editor’s Choice List and the Bandworld Top 100. He regularly accepts commissions for new works in a variety of media. In addition to his career as a composer Mr. Wilds is an active clinician and music educator. He lives in Kyle, Texas with his family.

Explore Publications by Jack Wilds

Circle the Wagons Concert BandFJH Developing Band1.5B1549
Passage of Arms Invocation and JoustConcert BandFJH Developing Band1.5B1561
Ruins of Tulum, The Concert BandFJH Beginning Band1B1568
On the Wing Concert BandFJH Young Band2B1578
Knightly Procession Concert BandFJH Starter Series0.5B1579
Foiled Again ! Concert BandFJH Concert Band3B1587
On a Russian Rowing Chanty Concert BandFJH Young Band2B1595
Megiddo Concert BandFJH Developing Band1.5B1613
Whirling Novas Concert BandFJH Beginning Band1B1622
Bravado Tango Concert BandFJH Starter Series0.5B1624
Solstice Dance Concert BandFJH Young Band2.5B1643
Palo Duro Sunrise Concert BandFJH Developing Band1.5B1644
Across the Serengeti Concert BandFJH Starter Series0.5B1658
Legacy Fanfare Concert BandFJH Young Band2.5B1663
Swashbuckling Christmas, A Concert BandFJH Developing Band1.5B1670
Spellbound Concert BandFJH Concert Band3B1671
Laniakea Concert BandFJH Young Band2.5B1689
Viva! Concert BandFJH Concert Band3B1700
In Infamy Concert BandFJH Young Band2.5B1711
On the Kerry Shore Concert BandFJH Developing Band1.5-2B1726
Scenes from the American West Concert BandFJH Young Band2.5B1745
Come Down Rain Concert BandFJH Concert Band3B1748
Dance Slav Concert BandFJH Starter Series0.5B1754
Spirit of Cashel, The Concert BandFJH Concert Band3.5-4B1775
Hammer and Forge Concert BandFJH Developing Band1.5B1784
Furiant Concert BandFJH Starter Series0.5B1785
Switchbacks Concert BandFJH Young Band2.5B1786
Crowns of Glory Concert BandFJH Young Band2.5B1799
Everybody Sang In a Universal LanguageConcert BandFJH Concert Band3B1803
Wellspring Concert BandFJH Young Band2.5B1819
Leap of Faith FanfareConcert BandFJH Starter Series0.5B1820
Three for All Winds Solo/EnsemblesFJH Solo and EnsembleBB214